#ArtistDayTrip: Olive Festival


It was a good here at the annual Olive #Festival. There were workshops on making lip olive lip balm, wine tasting, and wearth making from the olive branches. There was plenty of food and good company. 

Shout out to the ladies I met from San Diego who came by way of a bus tour.

It was hot, we are tired but it was still a good day. 


Inktober Day 3

So its day 3 of #inktober and the prompt is “poison” so the only thing I could think of was a snake.  The one thing about this is the discplaine it takes to draw everyday.

Learning to paint on wood

I bought these boxes to paint on. I’m learning to paint on wood instead of just canvas.  I’m using the Winsor and Newton water mixable oils for this process

You can click on the link to Blick Art Supplies to see all the wonderful colors they come in.   I get all my art supplies from them.

I am really enjoying this learning experience with wood

#ArtistLife. #Artist #watermixableoils

First Time Painting On Wood

Today was indeed another growing and learning experience for me as a visual artist

 I ventured to paint on wood. Now some will say what’s the big deal. I have always painted on canvas so for me this was very new. 

I used water mixable oils and folk paints. My challenge was the use of water and paint on wood. Too much water makes the paint spread when applied to wood. 

So here is my first piece. I also glued a star Crystal instead of painting it on her

 These are plaques I got from #Wal-Mart, the #FolkArtPaint came from #HobbyLobby.  I am going to allow it to sit a day before I do the varnish.

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