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The restrictions  are being let up and people are herding to malls, stores, beaches, parks totally forgetting about #socialdistant and facemask.

What did we learn these past few weeks or did we pay attention at all to the warnings.

Just the short time we have been let out you can see how we disreguard the air, water, and others.

Yes they have told us we can go out but how do we know its safe.  We are fighting an invisibe enemy. We do not know who is carrying it or how long they have been the host of it.

I have deceided I am the CEO of me and will use wisdom for my own safety.  There are too many unanswered question.  I remember  when I took Science in school you worked the equation till you got the correct answer.

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The Roll a Coaster of Normal

Four month into 2020 and we have a new normal that is one step away from being insanity.  What in the world is going on and how did we get here.  Every state and country is on lock down. We are limited on where we can go, limited on what foods we can buy,  no encounters with one another.  We are being told to stay home, children are out of school, no one is going to work and yet as crazy as this is it might be the new normal for 2020.

We knew 2020 was going to be different, we did not know how much. Everything we have been taught has changed. Everyday things like going to the bank have changed.

I think the biggest question everyone has is what is this going to look like when this is over. We have a new way of doing business now. Nothing is the same any more.

As you may know all the #ArtistDayTrips have been canceled because everything is closed.  Who would have thought that the whole world would be able to shut down.

I cannot wait to see how this will be written in the history books.  Meanwhile leave a comment as to how you side of the world is handling this insanity.

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What Do Candle Colors Mean?

IMG_20190912_214113_509.jpg Have you ever wondered what your favorite candle color means?  More than likely we just buy what looks good without thinking about the meaning.  I recently started doing a study of the colors of my candles and I must say I was very surprised.

Let’s take a look at the picture of the “PopOuts” they are a “Carney Yellow”. Well according to Color Candle Meanings

Yellow Color Candles. Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Yellow Candles are used to symbolize brainpower, focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, logic, learning, to improve visualization, to improve memory.

who would have thought a yellow candle had so much meaning.  So now when you burn your favorite candle you can set your intention for the meaning of the candle to assist you on your journey.

We will be posting the meaning of other candles for you to know what your favorite candle has meaning in your home.

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Do You Have A Vision

01091609312It seems like November just got here and yet we are already in the middle of the month.  So do you have a vision for 2020? In order for 2020 to be different you have to raise your standards so you will have lasting changes in the new year.

What is it you want to accomplish next year. What gifts are trying to be born into your life?  How are you going to deliver your gifts to the world.

Make your plan for 2020 now. Start the proess of changing your mindset.

What you do today determines what will manifest in 2020. Your sucess is not just one big event its tiny steps along the way.

Whats the vision?


Be Willing To Go Through The Process


Many times we as humans set out on a project and will get discouraged along the way when our expectations are not met either by other people or our selves.  The mistake we made is we did not realize there is a process to everything. Nothing happens overnight. 

There is a process to success and we have to be willing to go through that process and stop expecting everything to happen overnight. Stop putting expectations on others to support what you feel is great and they may not feel the same way.  

Many times we are so busy feeling bad because of a friend or family member did not support our project that we forget to be excited about what milestone we hit. 

Go through the process, be excited about your small beginnings because at the end of the day you want lasting success and not microwave success.  

Sometimes you will have to encourage yourself to get to the next level, do it and move forward.  

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Lessons From The Earthquakes

InShot_20190206_172038647.jpg Fourth of July 2019 weekend was not what you call uneventful.  Here in California, we had a 6.4 and a 7.1 earthquake.  My younger dog was running around in circles and I had to catch her to calm her down.  My older dog just stayed close to me.  What I observed from these two events is that when your foundation is shaken you become unbalanced and in despair.

Everyone from city to city was unrattled about these earthquakes.  It became clear that we must have a solid foundation on whatever we attempt to do because life has unexpected events that will shake your foundation.

This fourth of July will be remembered for a long time because it stopped us and made us reconsider our foundation. As I continue to grow my candle business I will make sure the foundation of it will remain solid.

Be Safe everyone and secure your foundation.

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#ArtistDayTrip October2018

Can you believe we are here in October 2018, We are seeing cool weather now here on the West Coast?   Hope everyone has an awesome creative time, there are lots of festivals starting for the fall so we will be updating our calendar for our Artist Day Trips.


Artists’ Reception: 25 Years in the Making

2 PM · Chaffey Community Museum of Art

Artist Day Trip and Classes: July, 2018

Can you believe we are in July 2018, I am excited that summer is here and guess what the festivals are here.  Below is our calendar, hope you will join us as we take you on our #ArtistDayTrip

Sunday, July 22, 2018, First Annually Chili Festival    11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday, July 21, 2018   9:00 am – 11:00 am
Beginning Water Color Class III   Registration $25  (Paypal: )  Limited 10 seats, the class will be on Zoom link will be sent 24 hours before class

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#ArtistMotivationalMonday:Risky Business

Here is the segment for this weeks show on Anchor.FM.

Being a creative is risky business. There are a lot of unknowns , twist and turns that will cause you to be overdrawn.

Listen to my segment “#ArtistMotivationalMonday:Ep23 What is Risky Business” on Anchor:

Six Months Into 2018

Well if you’re seeing this we have made it to the halfway mark of 2018.  So my question is “how is your year looking so far”.  We have had plenty of eventful things happen since January some good, some fair and some downright discouraging.  Yet we have made it to the mid-year.

Now that we have all come to this point how are we going to finish out the next six months?  It is clear that we are not allowing the distractions, and detours stop us from moving forward.

So take a moment and breath in this next six months of your journey, and know that you are on the right path even with all the detours.  It’s a journey, not a destination, continue to move forward one paint brush, one camera shot, one dance,  on a completed book at a time because the world is waiting for us and our gifts.

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June is always exciting, the festivals start so there will be plenty of #ArtistDayTrips to explore.  You can find us on most platforms and you can catch our broadcast on #Anchor and

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