I have been an artist since 2001.   I currently work in oils but have worked with water-color, pastels, charcoal, digital art, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, and pencil.  Most of my art comes from dreams and then I am able to express them on canvas.
I received an award from the Lois A Stolaroff Memorial Foundation as  well as an award for Outstanding Potter Scholarship and have had several exhibits.  I attended Santa Monica Community College and California State University.

My art may seem elementary to some but it is the simple forms of it that makes it unique. It tells a story all of its own. I consider art to come from being inspired by something greater than yourself and expressing it for the world to see.

This is my claim to art as an artist.  There are no boundaries, you don’t have to paint in the lines and you can dare to play with color. Art should cause you to evolve into something greater and then expand that into something more. Thank you for stopping by and taking this artist journey with me.  This blog will go on “#Artist Day Trips” to museums, all kinds of festivals and many other events. You can also follow our broadcast on  http://periscope.tv/theartist_56 where we live stream.

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