#ArtistMotivationalMonday Ep.50 S7

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: #ArtistMotivationalMonday Ep.50 S7 specialize in the skill of tracking down opportunities to help https://anchor.fm/chinue-phillips/episodes/ArtistMotivationalMonday-Ep-50-S7-specialize-in-the-skill-of-tracking-down-opportunities-to-help-e1baleu

#ArtistMotivationalMonday Ep.44 S7

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: #ArtistMotivationalMonday Ep.44 S7 The gift the Art and the discipline to stay focused in crisis https://anchor.fm/chinue-phillips/episodes/ArtistMotivationalMonday-Ep-44-S7-The-gift-the-Art-and-the-discipline-to-stay-focused-in-crisis-e199cgv

Enjoy Where You Are, Its Temporary

There is a scripture that reads “Things that you see are subject to change” . For the past year we have all lived in an ever changing environment . There are changes that happen everyday that we have no control over.

These everyday changes are being fed to use by all types of media streams and yet many have taken them as permanent changes to their life.

Reguardless of what is going on, humans are not in charge of the final outcome.

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