#ArtistDayTrips Return 2020

The states are starting to relax the #stayathome orders and as more people start to move around going about their day places are starting to reopen.

The good news is we will be resuming the #ArtistDayTrips soon. We are looking forward to going on trips this year. As far as we know starting towards the end of May some places will start reopening.

The second news is our new product #Soapmaking is now in our Etsy shop CandlesandArtStudio.

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You are the CEO of you


crop scientist recording solution of problems in chemistry after conducting experiment with reagents
Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

The restrictions  are being let up and people are herding to malls, stores, beaches, parks totally forgetting about #socialdistant and facemask.

What did we learn these past few weeks or did we pay attention at all to the warnings.

Just the short time we have been let out you can see how we disreguard the air, water, and others.

Yes they have told us we can go out but how do we know its safe.  We are fighting an invisibe enemy. We do not know who is carrying it or how long they have been the host of it.

I have deceided I am the CEO of me and will use wisdom for my own safety.  There are too many unanswered question.  I remember  when I took Science in school you worked the equation till you got the correct answer.

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So How Are You Doing

Who would have thought 2020 would be like this. The whole world on lock down. Wearing a face mask is required before you can shop or handle your business.

What is our human normal these days. Its hard to tell because it changes daily. People are starting to move around where i am and the weather is desert hot.

The face mask has become part of our daily wear, with shorts and flip flops or evening wear. No social gatherings has become the norm.

So how are you doing and what is our new norm.


The Roll a Coaster of Normal

Four month into 2020 and we have a new normal that is one step away from being insanity.  What in the world is going on and how did we get here.  Every state and country is on lock down. We are limited on where we can go, limited on what foods we can buy,  no encounters with one another.  We are being told to stay home, children are out of school, no one is going to work and yet as crazy as this is it might be the new normal for 2020.

We knew 2020 was going to be different, we did not know how much. Everything we have been taught has changed. Everyday things like going to the bank have changed.

I think the biggest question everyone has is what is this going to look like when this is over. We have a new way of doing business now. Nothing is the same any more.

As you may know all the #ArtistDayTrips have been canceled because everything is closed.  Who would have thought that the whole world would be able to shut down.

I cannot wait to see how this will be written in the history books.  Meanwhile leave a comment as to how you side of the world is handling this insanity.

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Mid-February 2020

Mid-February and some maybe feeling a certain way about their journey. There is a lot going on in the 3D where we can see it as well as in the 4th and 5 D where we cannot see it. Movement is going on everyday and it is important to stay grounded.

Refer back to your notes or your vision board. Stay focused.

Our #ArtistDayTrip will be to the Sour Doughbread Festival February 23, 2020. Join us on Periscope.tv for the live proadcast.

#ArtistDayTrip 2020 Glass Museum

We kicked of 2020 with our first #ArtistDayTrip by attending the Fenton Glass Workshop at the Glass Museum.

For me it was very educational to hear the history of this glass and the manufacturer. Fenton has been around longer than i have.

I remember my grandmother having a lot of this glass all around her home but i never knew the value of it. So the next time you have dinner at an older relatives examine what the china is. There just maybe history in your hand.

Much of the older generation used these rare pieces of glassware and it was passed down as family traditions.

Fenton has been around since the 1900s so thats lots of history. Next time your in California stop by the Glass Museum in Redlands, California.

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The history behind glass

Dont Go Through 2020 on Autopilot

2020 the end of a decade and a realization that things will not be as usual. How we enter act with 2020 will determine how we step over into the start of the next decade.

2020 we will expand our knowledge of our purpose for our journey. Sucess is the only outcome we expect. In 2020 we will not waste time with those who have no goals. Those with no goals have no vision and without vision one becomes stagnated in old behaviors.

2020 a new journey on your creative path. Where will it take you?

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What Do Candle Colors Mean?

IMG_20190912_214113_509.jpg Have you ever wondered what your favorite candle color means?  More than likely we just buy what looks good without thinking about the meaning.  I recently started doing a study of the colors of my candles and I must say I was very surprised.

Let’s take a look at the picture of the “PopOuts” they are a “Carney Yellow”. Well according to Color Candle Meanings

Yellow Color Candles. Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Yellow Candles are used to symbolize brainpower, focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, logic, learning, to improve visualization, to improve memory.

who would have thought a yellow candle had so much meaning.  So now when you burn your favorite candle you can set your intention for the meaning of the candle to assist you on your journey.

We will be posting the meaning of other candles for you to know what your favorite candle has meaning in your home.

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