2019 What Are You Expecting

We are in the second week of 2019, I decided to wait before putting anything out because at the beginning of every year you hear what are your goals for the new year or what resolutions did you make.

Everyone has the best of intentions at the start of a new year but by February those goals have disappeared because life some how changed the path you were on.

Right now you have thousands of people wondering how they are going to pay their monthly expenses because the government is shut down and people are working and not being paid. So life just changed everyone’s goals for the new year.

The one thing I would like to offer for your consideration is “every storm has an ending”. When you get to the brick wall like you may be right now breath, step back and reset.

Ask yourself “What do you expect of 2019.

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A Day At The Lavender Festival 2014

Lavender Festival 2014
Lavender Festival 2014

Highland Springs
Highland Springs

This time of year is the Lavender Festival in Highland Springs.  Its right at the start of the warm weather, not summer yet but warm enough to wish you were at the beach.  The ranch is over 2400 acres of land and in the middle of this land are fields of Lavender.

It reminds me of the movie “The Color Purple”, because how can anyone come to these fields and not be in aw of the beauty and smell of Lavender.  It makes for an amazing day, filled with food,

live music, animals and people enjoying the start of warm weather.

No one is thinking about what went on before they got there, you forget about how far you had to park or how long you were in line just to get to a parking lot.  You just enjoy this escape of summer peace for an afternoon with friends and family.  It’s during this time, you realize just how simple life can really be……………

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