2018 Manifest it, dont just talk about it.

Its here the count down for the new year has started. People are heading to different places to be ready for the celebration of the new year.  Have you ever thought that maybe you are the celebration.  You and your creative energy are a celebration every time you step into a room.

2017 has been a great year, and as we close it out with the last blog of the year we want to thank everyone for their support of this blog. You have followed, you have liked and shared and we are so grateful for your presents.

We are looking forward to what 2018 will manifest.



Manifest Your Thoughts

As creatives we understand an empty canvas. We understand we turn our thoughts into a piece of #art, a #drawing, a #painting, a #book, a #movie, a #poem, a #sculpture, a song. We see the unseen vision develope each day while we manifest a reality which will be frozen in time.

As creatives we freeze time and we can see where we were compared to where we are right now. We see how we have grown, how we tried new things on our creative path and how the frozen space looks different.

Yes as creatives we understand the ploy of the empty canvas. What will your thoughts manifest for you in 2018?

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Learning to paint on wood

I bought these boxes to paint on. I’m learning to paint on wood instead of just canvas.  I’m using the Winsor and Newton water mixable oils for this process

You can click on the link to Blick Art Supplies to see all the wonderful colors they come in.   I get all my art supplies from them.

I am really enjoying this learning experience with wood

#ArtistLife. #Artist #watermixableoils

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There are always new people who join us who may not be aware of our art. Just click on the link and you can find out what we have done over time.  If you have questions about any art piece reach out to us.  Art makes a wonderful gift a lasting gift.


2015 The Year Of Open Doors and New Normals

 ?????? It’s a brand new year 2015.  This is the first blog of the year with many more adventures to follow.   This is the year of open door and  new normals for your life……what does that mean you say????   What you want in your life on a continued base as normal, not just the first few weeks in a new year.

A new normal is living your life to the fullest with love, joy, peace, wellness, health, prosperous and  happiness.  2015 the year of greater opportunities so when the door opens walk through it without fear and without worry that things will not work out.

For us the new normal is the first art exhibit of the year at the end of this month (Jan)  the first painting of the year working on the concept which is a Music Theme The first visit to the Doctor which showed we had lost 12 lbs since the last time they saw us which is always good, so we continued with our walking today 3.8 miles….as the body screamed it’s cold even though we were bundled up with layers of clothing…..oh well we got it done.

So what will 2015 bring you that you will declare is going to be the new normal in life not just for the new year……..we have 52 weeks, 365 days of brand new chapters of a new normal so make it happen…….

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Our art work can be seen at http://chinue.imagekind.com/ and we will be posting this first art works right before the exhibit so you can be the first to see it……..

The photo is called Stray Cat ,  Digital as you can see they were not moved by me or my camera…..

When we went to the punkin patch there were some that were not ready to be picked yet.   The sign said they would be ready in about a week.  This was one of the fields that you could go and pick your own.

The people who run the patch seem to know when to plant seeds so these punkin know exactly when to come up right in time for Halloween and seasonal holidays. Nature at it’s best knows when it’s time……”To everything there is a season”.

You can see more of our work at http://chinue.imagekind.com/

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Well Fall has finally arrived after a very long hot summer, it is so refreshing to see all the beautiful colors that Fall brings along with cooler weather.   I recently went to one of the many pumpkin patches to capture some of these beautiful colors of Fall.

To everything there is a season……….Fall has arrived and nature is smiling at us.

These were taken with a Kodak Digital, for some of them I used my zoom lens to bring the image closer and capture more detail….. like the butterfly on the sunflower.   I even explored the corn maze but didn’t go too far into it.

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There is more of our works at http://chinue.imagekind.com/store/




The Corn Maze Digital Print
The Corn Maze
Digital Print