Six Months Into 2018

Well if you’re seeing this we have made it to the halfway mark of 2018.  So my question is “how is your year looking so far”.  We have had plenty of eventful things happen since January some good, some fair and some downright discouraging.  Yet we have made it to the mid-year.

Now that we have all come to this point how are we going to finish out the next six months?  It is clear that we are not allowing the distractions, and detours stop us from moving forward.

So take a moment and breath in this next six months of your journey, and know that you are on the right path even with all the detours.  It’s a journey, not a destination, continue to move forward one paint brush, one camera shot, one dance,  on a completed book at a time because the world is waiting for us and our gifts.

Thank you so much for all who have followed me from day one on this journey, thank you for liking and sharing the post, for coming to the broadcast, and just for being a support factor alone the way.

June is always exciting, the festivals start so there will be plenty of #ArtistDayTrips to explore.  You can find us on most platforms and you can catch our broadcast on #Anchor and

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Collage, Oils and Pastels = A New Creation of Art

I started playing with some of my old pieces by blending them with some new software I have.  I remember doing this once before with my watercolors where I took some watercolor paintings and reworked them in Illustrator which made some beautiful digital art.

The top one is a Collage 18 X 24 , I used pastels, cut out some pictures from magazines and then scanned this into my software to make this beautiful new piece of Man’s Confusion.

The bottom piece is a piece I had done for the Small Art Series Gallery, The Bell Peppers are  8 X 10  Oil on Canvas, scanned into the computer to make this collage type Digital Art piece.
I really like the way they both turned out and it goes to show you can re-create any piece of art making it tell a different story.

Let me know what you think about these two creations…… sure to follow us, like our page and leave comments (we really do read them)

013 Mans Confusion 015

Artist Trading Cards

My new project is the Artist Trading Cards.   Each one of these small pieces is 2.5 X 3.5 .  I bought the Canvas Paper for oils but they also have the ones for Pastels, Charcoal, and Water Color.  You get about 10 cards per pack and since they are already treated you can just paint, glue, stamp or whatever you want.  I have seen some very creative cards online.

I love to paint small as you know by my Small Art Series Paintings which start at 8 X 10 but I must admit painting on this small-scale 2.5 X 3.5  is really a challenge.   It will be interesting to see where this leads me.

Let me know your thoughts about these trading cards and take a visit to my gallery for other pieces

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The Festivals Have Begun Part 3- Lemon Lily Festival

One of the most beautiful things about a road trip some where is the scenery you see along the way.   We went to the Lemon Lily Festival this weekend in Idylwild, California at an Environmental Conservation  The Lemon Lily is like many of our animals, it is a threatened native Lily.  This place is doing everything to educate the public about this beautiful plant.

Don’t depend on your GPS  for directions all the time because sometimes it will take you the back roads to a location.  We were at about 4,000 feet in these photos and still had about an hour left before we arrived.

One thing about being this elevation you can see the whole city beneath you.   It was a good day all in all.  Since I am not fond of heights  I’m not getting too close to the edge to take a photo.

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Sketchbook drawings and paintings- Watercolor & Pen Studies

Lavender Fields ??????????????????????????????It’s about 103 degrees today, a perfect day to stay inside and work in my studio with lots of air.  Here are my entries for today as I continue with my sketchbook drawings and paintings with watercolor and pen.  The top one is called Lavender Fields, we used purple, red, green, brown, white, blue, yellow.  It is 6 x 8.


This one is called Garden View, we used brown, white, green, purples, reds, yellows. The stair case is just a wash of yellows and red but not enough to really make color where you cannot see the pen. The trees in the back are brown and green with a hint of white and yellow.   It is 6 X 8