Story Telling: What Happen Yesterday

Yesterday I woke up feeling OK but as the day progressed I came to realize how we as humans are programmed and mentally conditioned for these holidays. Even if you chose not to be involved there will always be someone who will wish you a “Happy” what ever the holiday is.

Why does everyone assume you spent time with family or friends. Why do they assume you attended a church service.

These holidays are man made and the only profit is retail sales with people feeling guilty so they buy gifts.

So as I asked the question “What happen yesterday” I respond with nothing happen it was just another day.

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Sketchbook drawings and paintings- watercolor & pen Studies

Watercolor and Pen 6 X 8
Watercolor and Pen
6 X 8

Watercolor and pen a unique pair.  The pen gives you the structure and lines but the watercolor allows you to paint outside of all the lines giving you a new type of freedom.

You don’t have to paint inside the lines, you don’t have to be locked into a box of shapes you can just paint.

Watercolor gives you a freedom. It bleeds into another color you can mix and match and take your mistakes as something meaningful. Watercolor forgives, it just makes something new.

This painting is small  6 X 8.  The colors are red, green, blue, blue-green, purple, yellow, brown, white.  This is the first painting as part of my journal drawings and paintings.  These will mainly be done in my sketchbook.