Story Telling: What Happen Yesterday

Yesterday I woke up feeling OK but as the day progressed I came to realize how we as humans are programmed and mentally conditioned for these holidays. Even if you chose not to be involved there will always be someone who will wish you a “Happy” what ever the holiday is.

Why does everyone assume you spent time with family or friends. Why do they assume you attended a church service.

These holidays are man made and the only profit is retail sales with people feeling guilty so they buy gifts.

So as I asked the question “What happen yesterday” I respond with nothing happen it was just another day.

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Where Are You The First Six Months of 2016

Today we went to the Cherry Festival Parade in Beaumont,California.  Its a yearly event which is community based.  We got there towards the end but there were still a lot going on.  This kicks off “The Festivals Have Begun.”  For the next few months we will be spending  time at a lot of festivals.  Years before we took pictures and shared with you, now we have live stream to share with you.

We are in June now time to reflect on your first six months of 2016.

Have you kept your promise to you? Have you made some of your goals happen or are you still at the blank canvas with not even one line drawn.

Where are you?

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It Starts With A Blank Canvas- Textured Painting (Oil)


Blank Canvas , treated with  Absorbent Ground and texture.
Blank Canvas , treated with Absorbent Ground and texture.
14 X 18
14 X 18 Oil
14 X 18 Oil
14 X 18 Oil

I wanted to experiment with textured painting this week so I did several oil on canvas for this study……I  applied Gesso to my  canvas- two coats.  Since it’s a hot day it won’t take long before it dries.  I applied Absorbent Ground with a spatula making different types of moves on the canvas.   I applied this sort of thick so you could see the indention when it dried.. The Absorbent Ground is used to help the paint absorb better.  I waited for this to completely harden and dry before applying any paint. Since the Absorbent Ground works with acrylic paints,,, I am going to use waterable oils which are similar to acrylics in its thickness and drying…………


as I painted I applied the paint according to the way the texture had dried on the canvas. Once dried you can see the texture on the canvas….the painting is abstract but you can see different shapes, one being a ice cream cone and another the shape of a person, the rest I will allow for viewer imagination.


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Turning Point of Life 2014

It’s a turning point in life for me.  Not only is it another Mother’s Day but it’s my birthday as well.  I am proud to say  I am turning 62 years young.   This is a milestone because many of my friends never got this far in life.   I find myself asking the question…..”now what”.   Art has become the journey of my soul and as I continue to write the pages of my life I remember to stop……exhale, reflect, and be grateful for all the people, places and things along the way.   Thanks for following me, and liking our page. Thisnis one of the pieces from the Small Art Series and can be found on our page