Watercolor Class

Here is the first watercolor class project from our class today. It was a great class with lists of great questions. If you have not signed up on our email list be sure to do so. To your right→

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Today we painted A bell pepper, white onion, and potatoes

We used watercolor pencils to sketch out first. The watercolor pencils will blend well with most paints. We used #ArtistLoft Crimson Red, Viridian Green, Yellow Ochre and #Premium Chinese White , round soft watercolor brush, and watercolor pad 6×6.

Manifest Your Thoughts

As creatives we understand an empty canvas. We understand we turn our thoughts into a piece of #art, a #drawing, a #painting, a #book, a #movie, a #poem, a #sculpture, a song. We see the unseen vision develope each day while we manifest a reality which will be frozen in time.

As creatives we freeze time and we can see where we were compared to where we are right now. We see how we have grown, how we tried new things on our creative path and how the frozen space looks different.

Yes as creatives we understand the ploy of the empty canvas. What will your thoughts manifest for you in 2018?

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30 Paintings, 30 Days- Day 5

It may have seemed like we were not painting any more but that was not the case.  We actually ran out of recycled canvas and had to order new canvases.  I heard on an artist radio show that if you can detached yourself from your work, it is easier to let it go.  With that in mind to recycle a canvas is to removed what was on it, and start over with a different idea.

Untitled,  Oil on Canvas
24 X 18
Phthalo Green, titanium White, Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green.


24 X 18 Oil on Canvas
24 X 18
Oil on Canvas