Watercolor Class

Here is the first watercolor class project from our class today. It was a great class with lists of great questions. If you have not signed up on our email list be sure to do so. To your right→

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Today we painted A bell pepper, white onion, and potatoes

We used watercolor pencils to sketch out first. The watercolor pencils will blend well with most paints. We used #ArtistLoft Crimson Red, Viridian Green, Yellow Ochre and #Premium Chinese White , round soft watercolor brush, and watercolor pad 6×6.

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There are always new people who join us who may not be aware of our art. Just click on the link and you can find out what we have done over time.  If you have questions about any art piece reach out to us.  Art makes a wonderful gift a lasting gift.


2015 The Year Of Open Doors and New Normals

 ?????? It’s a brand new year 2015.  This is the first blog of the year with many more adventures to follow.   This is the year of open door and  new normals for your life……what does that mean you say????   What you want in your life on a continued base as normal, not just the first few weeks in a new year.

A new normal is living your life to the fullest with love, joy, peace, wellness, health, prosperous and  happiness.  2015 the year of greater opportunities so when the door opens walk through it without fear and without worry that things will not work out.

For us the new normal is the first art exhibit of the year at the end of this month (Jan)  the first painting of the year working on the concept which is a Music Theme The first visit to the Doctor which showed we had lost 12 lbs since the last time they saw us which is always good, so we continued with our walking today 3.8 miles….as the body screamed it’s cold even though we were bundled up with layers of clothing…..oh well we got it done.

So what will 2015 bring you that you will declare is going to be the new normal in life not just for the new year……..we have 52 weeks, 365 days of brand new chapters of a new normal so make it happen…….

Well thanks for starting off the year with me, be sure to like our page, share our page, leave a comment we read them all and follow us on this new normal journey.

Our art work can be seen at http://chinue.imagekind.com/ and we will be posting this first art works right before the exhibit so you can be the first to see it……..

The photo is called Stray Cat ,  Digital as you can see they were not moved by me or my camera…..


Once again we are at the point coming to the end of another year.   This year our focus was more studio working hours, more paintings, more exhibits and completing my first Art book.   Well we did what we set out to do.  All in all it turned out to be a good year for us and it looks like 2015 is going to be an even better year.

We have one exhibit so far in January 2015 and so many ideas as far as more paintings and designs.  My sketch book is over flowing with so much for the up coming year.

As we come to the middle of December, and everyone is running around trying to finish up Christmas shopping….lets stay focused on the real meaning of holidays……family, friends and reconnecting to ones inner voice.

We all have the ability to create a better place, as artist we show ours in the form of paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, singing, movies.   Art is our avenue of opening doors to creating more beauty,  more inspiring works, more togetherness.

I so enjoy reading and looking at so many of your works of art and you have no idea how you have encouraged me with my own journey of art and for that I say “thank you”.

You can see more of our works at http://chinue.imagekind.com/
Art is a wonderful gift this time of year and a lasting gift which does not lose value as time goes on.

Artist you are the shinning light in the world…….create and let your lights shine bright.  Have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to our January 2015 writings.  Thank you for liking our page,  follow us and please feel free to leave comments we really do read them……


Lighting The Way

When we went to the punkin patch there were some that were not ready to be picked yet.   The sign said they would be ready in about a week.  This was one of the fields that you could go and pick your own.

The people who run the patch seem to know when to plant seeds so these punkin know exactly when to come up right in time for Halloween and seasonal holidays. Nature at it’s best knows when it’s time……”To everything there is a season”.

You can see more of our work at http://chinue.imagekind.com/

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  We are continuing the Art Relation study  of Flour and Flower……….follow us, leave a comment because we do read them and like out page……….This is taken with a digital 35mm with a long lens, no flash. The original flower photo was taken last year on our visit to the Flower Fields in California…..The cake is white cake with lemon icing……

Digital photo No flash, long lens 35mm
Digital photo
No flash, long lens 35mm

Art Is Another Form Of Prayer

The Moon Before the Eclips 2014  “Try your best to say the right thing, the true thing because you’re an artist and you’re using art to get closer to “ALL”…..Dr. Maya Angelou

Today Dr. Maya Angelou made her transition to the invisible.   A profound speaker of wisdom.  Dr. Maya Angelou touched the world with “words”.

Words that relayed wisdom,  words on being a better human being, words that made us think of forgiveness and compassion.  Words that made us think of something greater than ourselves.

Her words spoke louder on Social Media today as no other time with post of the many words she had said……….Dr. Maya we were listening.

We thank you for stopping by this earth and for teaching us all lessons of words………take your rest among the stars…………..

The photo was taken before the eclipse 2014, showing the moon at its fullest.  Comments are always welcomed…..like us….follow us…………..