Manifest Your Thoughts

As creatives we understand an empty canvas. We understand we turn our thoughts into a piece of #art, a #drawing, a #painting, a #book, a #movie, a #poem, a #sculpture, a song. We see the unseen vision develope each day while we manifest a reality which will be frozen in time.

As creatives we freeze time and we can see where we were compared to where we are right now. We see how we have grown, how we tried new things on our creative path and how the frozen space looks different.

Yes as creatives we understand the ploy of the empty canvas. What will your thoughts manifest for you in 2018?

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Learning to paint on wood

I bought these boxes to paint on. I’m learning to paint on wood instead of just canvas.  I’m using the Winsor and Newton water mixable oils for this process

You can click on the link to Blick Art Supplies to see all the wonderful colors they come in.   I get all my art supplies from them.

I am really enjoying this learning experience with wood

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Live Broadcast: Oil on Canvas and Collage

While cleaning my studio I found a canvas that had not been used. I wanted to do a collage type of project using oils so I started applying the collage part. 

Since I was up early this morning with my sick dog who had tummy issues I did a sketch in my sketchbook.

Now I’m transferring that sketchbook drawing onto canvas. 

Its kind of abstract don’t you think.

It Starts With A Blank Canvas- Textured Painting (Oil)


Blank Canvas , treated with  Absorbent Ground and texture.
Blank Canvas , treated with Absorbent Ground and texture.
14 X 18
14 X 18 Oil
14 X 18 Oil
14 X 18 Oil

I wanted to experiment with textured painting this week so I did several oil on canvas for this study……I  applied Gesso to my  canvas- two coats.  Since it’s a hot day it won’t take long before it dries.  I applied Absorbent Ground with a spatula making different types of moves on the canvas.   I applied this sort of thick so you could see the indention when it dried.. The Absorbent Ground is used to help the paint absorb better.  I waited for this to completely harden and dry before applying any paint. Since the Absorbent Ground works with acrylic paints,,, I am going to use waterable oils which are similar to acrylics in its thickness and drying…………


as I painted I applied the paint according to the way the texture had dried on the canvas. Once dried you can see the texture on the canvas….the painting is abstract but you can see different shapes, one being a ice cream cone and another the shape of a person, the rest I will allow for viewer imagination.


This painting is 14 X 18 Oil and can be purchased at

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