In The Studio:Watercolor Sketchbook Painting

Our November challenge is going to be working with #watercolor for the month.  One painting either in our #sketchbook or #watercolor pad. 

So here is Day 1 Mystery Lady which was a drawing I’m doing in ink as well as watercolor.

Since I’m practicing my face drawings this is the perfect project.

Eenjoy the process, the world is waiting for your art……

Inktober 2017 Day 13 Teeming

This was a real challenge topic so this is what I came  up with.

This is still a work in progress.


One of the best times to take your sketchbook with you is when you know you will be waiting for a period of time.   Here are some of my idle time drawings where I did some “Cross Hatching Drawings” with pens.   It really helps the time go by quickly.   These are with the Micron 02 and 05 pens.   You can view more of our works at,  thanks for following. Be sure to like our page as we continue on our journey of art and leave a comment we really do read them…



Once again we are at the point coming to the end of another year.   This year our focus was more studio working hours, more paintings, more exhibits and completing my first Art book.   Well we did what we set out to do.  All in all it turned out to be a good year for us and it looks like 2015 is going to be an even better year.

We have one exhibit so far in January 2015 and so many ideas as far as more paintings and designs.  My sketch book is over flowing with so much for the up coming year.

As we come to the middle of December, and everyone is running around trying to finish up Christmas shopping….lets stay focused on the real meaning of holidays……family, friends and reconnecting to ones inner voice.

We all have the ability to create a better place, as artist we show ours in the form of paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, singing, movies.   Art is our avenue of opening doors to creating more beauty,  more inspiring works, more togetherness.

I so enjoy reading and looking at so many of your works of art and you have no idea how you have encouraged me with my own journey of art and for that I say “thank you”.

You can see more of our works at
Art is a wonderful gift this time of year and a lasting gift which does not lose value as time goes on.

Artist you are the shinning light in the world…….create and let your lights shine bright.  Have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to our January 2015 writings.  Thank you for liking our page,  follow us and please feel free to leave comments we really do read them……


Lighting The Way

Another Artist Has Made Transition Into The Invisable

” We need to spend our time helping make it easier for the people who are on the front lines of change in our country and in this world” ~Ruby Dee

The Illusion of Art A Shape of Flowers Silk Screen Prints on Art Paper
The Illusion of Art
A Shape of Flowers
Silk Screen Prints on Art Paper

Her voice was strong and thundered like the roar of a lion yet she moved with grace on the screen and on stage. She gave us true theater artistry.  A trail blazer in the performing arts Ruby Dee commanded excellence of herself in her performances.

At 90 she still took command of the big screen and stage. At 91 she took her final bow to us.   The arts have a history of its own that we should teach as well as learn whether in Visual, Performance or Theater these trail braziers have left their marks in history.  They have passed the torch to us who are coming along now. They have made the path for us.. laid a foundation for us………..  Study their struggles, learn the craft as they did with excellence and leave your mark on history as they have.

Ruby Dee…..RIP and thank you for stopping by and leaving us an example.
Thank you for being apart of my blog works, and my art work. Like us and please leave comments we do read them…………

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