Women drawing water

This drawing was a dream I had of women going to the nearby pond or river to draw water.  The drawing itself is simple in concept.  I enjoyed the blending of the pastels since I am still working with pastels.  Although this is a simple drawing, I plan to continue with some type of story line for this.


Mountains, Water and Earth

Today is a another hot day in which I am staying inside working on my art.  I have been working with oil pastels for a few weeks now and loving it. The clean up is quick and easy and there are no smells to contend with.  The blending is going much better once you learn the different blending ideas from books and other items of interest.  I created this piece after it had been raining all day. Once the rain stopped and the thunder stopped you could see the mountains.


The Ancestors Pray

In the studio late tonight when I saw that a very talented songwriter/performer had passed away.  My heart was so heavy from seeing the news spread across the internet.  As I started drawing this came to me that the ancestors pray for us as we transition from this human form to an ever-expanding form.  It was then that I some peace and not as much sorrow over this songwriter/performer.  I pray the strength of his wife and children.  Knowing that he is in good hands now. This piece is not finished so it will appear again as the meaning comes to me.  RIP.

The Ancestors Pray

Oil Paint and Oil Pastels

The piece is called The Vase.  It is oil paints and oil pastels blended on paper.  This one was a little harder to blend because the paint had a longer time to dry making it harder to blend with the pastels.  It was necessary to use a small amount of turpentine to assist with the blending.  Due to the freshness of the oil pastels it was necessary to use a small brush with just enough of turpentine to move the oil pastel into the oil paint being careful not to cause the oil pastels to run.

oil paints and pastels

oil painting and oil pastels

I decided to add an illusion of a human form fishing in the boat.  This makes the piece have more of a point of  focus rather than just an empty boat.  I also attempted to blend the colors better together.  With just the simple illusion of an human form it gives the painting more meaning.  For now we see this person fishing, maybe thinking, maybe feeling “lost” or overwhelmed by life conditions and this fishing trip helps them find themselves.  I was happy with the results of this painting it is now hanging in my studio as a reminder to me.

Oil pastels and oil paints

Today I used a combination of oil paints and oil pastels to practice blending.  Since the paint was already dry the oil pastels blended very easy into the paints. It is hard to tell which is which and the end results were very good.  Oil pastels are good to use when you really do not want to use “turpentine”.  Oil pastels are easy to travel with and there is really no clean up except you hands.  There is no waiting for it to dry as with paints.  I found the process to not only be easy but very refreshing and lacked the smell of the turpentine in my studio.