oil painting and oil pastels

I decided to add an illusion of a human form fishing in the boat.  This makes the piece have more of a point of  focus rather than just an empty boat.  I also attempted to blend the colors better together.  With just the simple illusion of an human form it gives the painting more meaning.  For now we see this person fishing, maybe thinking, maybe feeling “lost” or overwhelmed by life conditions and this fishing trip helps them find themselves.  I was happy with the results of this painting it is now hanging in my studio as a reminder to me.


Oil pastels and oil paints

Today I used a combination of oil paints and oil pastels to practice blending.  Since the paint was already dry the oil pastels blended very easy into the paints. It is hard to tell which is which and the end results were very good.  Oil pastels are good to use when you really do not want to use “turpentine”.  Oil pastels are easy to travel with and there is really no clean up except you hands.  There is no waiting for it to dry as with paints.  I found the process to not only be easy but very refreshing and lacked the smell of the turpentine in my studio.

Oil Pastels


Today I worked with oil pastel on paper. Normally I use the chalk pastel which can be messy. I found the oil pastel to be easy to work with, excellent to blend colors together and not as messy.  It is easy to layer colors with oil pastel. I first filled in color than blended in other colors for contrast.  I was happy with the outcome.

The empty chair, a sacred opportunity

When you see an empty chair what does it mean. For some it means loss, emptiness, loneliness.  For others it mean a  sacred opportunity for expansion.  Since art is perception of the viewer how many will see the empty chair as more than just loss, or the artist not having anything else to shoot, or waiting for something to appear in the chair.  Photo’s capture that empty chair sacred moment by creating an illusion of the emptiness of the chair and all that surrounds it.  Notice the cracks in the pavement, what does that represent? Could it be the cracks along the path we have chosen the cracks of not being all one can be as a creative force in the universe? What about the discoloration of the walls, is that the distortion of man’s mind during crisis?  If we take out focus away from the empty chair , there is so much more to explore.

The empty chair, sacred opportunity for expansion

Artist Presentation II- Photo

Intersections of art presentation part II

Today I want to share some photo’s.  Photo’s capture history, freeze time and keep memories.  Photograph is the most unusual artist form of expression there is because there is so much you can do with it.  You can capture the smallest detail, the most different shapes, and the most precious moments frozen in time.

Expanding your understanding of the structures around you

Using your sketchbook helps you to understand the structures around you. Whether you draw, doodle or dream drawing you will discover structure in the drawings.  Lines grow while you attempt to draw a tree using outlines and contours. You will discover upward reaching gestures with lines which follow this growth pattern. Your sketchbook drawings become and extension of your eyes because you will draw what you feel if you had run your hand over a surface. The insights you gain from using your sketchbook will become a permanent part of your understanding.  So get out your sketchbook, carry it with you at all times even if you doodle in it these are stories your about your day or night. The next time you’re in front of your canvas pull out your sketchbook because there holds the key to your next painting.