Back To Basics of Drawing

It’s six days before Thanksgiving, 2011.  Now is the time people start reflecting on what they have accomplished so far.  The day after Thanksgiving is what is called “Black Friday” and retail is in motion for all the shoppers who will start their Christmas shopping early.  The year is almost over and there are some who have already left the mortal body and gone to the next phase of life while others will leave before the start of the new year.  While reflecting today, I felt it was a time to go back to basics. Back to the beginning of drawing with just paper and pencil. Back to the beginning where you have to really shade with the pencil, hatch drawing for technique, lines are drawn deep onto the paper.  Yes, back to the basics of drawing where one can reflect on being an artist. Back to the basics of art. Back to the beginning where it all started.


The Drummer

The Drummer



The drum is perhaps the oldest musical instrument in the world, with every society employing it in varying degrees. However, it is most revered among the people of Africa, where it comes in various forms and fulfills various functions. The drum is the most important musical instrument in Africa.

Life Always Works Out

The end of the year is coming quickly.  It is now October, the days are getting shorter and it gets darker faster.  The weather is changing and it is a lot cooler than it has been.  Soon the time will change from daylight savings and the nights will be longer.

As we come to the close of another year, we look back on what we have accomplished this year.  We are doing more art and being more creative than we have been in a long time.  We have silenced the negative opinions of others and we are creating what our spirit is telling us to create as far as our artwork style.  Whatever your artist style is, this is your signature. This identifies your work from everyone else’s work because it comes from your creative spirit.  This makes you and your work unique. Where as some may not like your works, may not understand your works, may have a lot of questions concerning your works, may have negative responses to your work.  These are the people who are not your followers, they will never buy, support, encourage, be apart of your supporters.  The key is not to waste or concern about how they feel about your works.  It is not for them. Keep doing your works, your audience is out there.  I like negative space, I don’t have straight  lines,  I make people look distorted, I use colors no one else will use.  I blend, overlay, cross hatch that which others may not view as good but at the time my creative spirit wanted it done. All of these things are my signature and ID’s my art from anyone else.

You never know how one piece of art can expire someone. It can hit a core and make them feel they have always been looking for this one piece of art.  Hopefully we will start writing more about our work in the up coming year.

The Livingroom

The living room is some where you can enjoy good food, and beautiful flowers.  My living room is my art gallery where every wall has paintings and drawings.  Every table has sculptures or ceramics. When you enter my living room you have entered my gallery of works.  There is a peace in the living room that no other room has.  Have you ever thought about your living room and what it means to you.  If not you should take this moment and just look around your living room and recognize all the things in it that makes it you.  Then you will have your own gallery in your living room.                                  

Women drawing water

This drawing was a dream I had of women going to the nearby pond or river to draw water.  The drawing itself is simple in concept.  I enjoyed the blending of the pastels since I am still working with pastels.  Although this is a simple drawing, I plan to continue with some type of story line for this.

Mountains, Water and Earth

Today is a another hot day in which I am staying inside working on my art.  I have been working with oil pastels for a few weeks now and loving it. The clean up is quick and easy and there are no smells to contend with.  The blending is going much better once you learn the different blending ideas from books and other items of interest.  I created this piece after it had been raining all day. Once the rain stopped and the thunder stopped you could see the mountains.


The Ancestors Pray

In the studio late tonight when I saw that a very talented songwriter/performer had passed away.  My heart was so heavy from seeing the news spread across the internet.  As I started drawing this came to me that the ancestors pray for us as we transition from this human form to an ever-expanding form.  It was then that I some peace and not as much sorrow over this songwriter/performer.  I pray the strength of his wife and children.  Knowing that he is in good hands now. This piece is not finished so it will appear again as the meaning comes to me.  RIP.

The Ancestors Pray