Abstract Thoughts

Abstract Thinking II

The month of May has been very busy with new projects.  This is the first time I have been able to actually exhale.  Not that I’m complaining, no I am very happy for the new work.  My small art series is coming alone and I am  happy with my results.

There were some disappointments that I won’t go into because I will just take it as “a lesson learned” and keep moving forward.   When you know better, you do better.   My focus for the next few months is going to be increasing sales so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave them.

Moving forward to part 2 of this journey.  With May coming to a fast and fury ending, we are at the 6 month mark of the year.  On a higher note I celebrated my birthday this month, well I should say I’m still celebrating it because I’m  still getting cards and very unique gifts.  I think this is the best one yet.   The painting is one of the small art series  oil on canvas 8 X 10.  My thoughts were abstract that day and although it is a small painting it took me two days to finish it because my thoughts kept jumping around on what to paint.  I have also added our website for personal items with our art on them.  From note cards, to coffee cups, pet outfits. These make great gifts that are simple and not expensive.


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Notes, Sketchbook and Painting

I got a lot accomplished in April as I looked over my notes for the month.   Not only did I stay on course with my painting a day goal ,I also attended the stage play “The Convert”, went to the movies, met some new artist, went to some networking events and got invited to participate in  the Artist for Arthritis Fund Raiser Exhibit.  April seems to be a month which reflected my hopes for being in this career.   Now that we are in a new month (May) the goals start all over .  It’s kind of over cast and cold  so today we’ll be inside working on new ideas to paint.   Since I have moved my studio on the patio for the summer because I am back to using traditional oils and turpentine being outside works a lot better for the ventilation and drying process.  First I draw in my sketchbook whatever it is I ‘m going to paint . This gives me some idea on the direction I want to go. I may make changes once I start painting  but the foundation for the drawing with my notes are in my sketchbook .   This is one of the small works series  8 x 10,  Oil on Canvas. I used a lot of colors blended together.  Flesh Tint, Lemon Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Jaune Brilliant, Raw Umber, French Ultramarine, Alizarin Crimson, Payne Gray, Soft White, Medium Yellow and Cerulean Blue.  Most of the colors are blended with others  so they don’t show up as much.

You can always view more of our artwork at our  online gallery at  http://gallery.exhibbit.com/exhibition/9fb2609d-5973-4d21-836d-1bd207e1b55f/index.html.  Thank you to the new followers as well as the old ones  for your comments and all the Likes.   We love hearing from you so please feel free to comment,  like us and follow us on our journey with art.

Food A Form of Art

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Small Art

Painting small allows me to do without trying to figure out where to put everything.   I remember when I was in school I had a professor who insisted that you paint large.  The larger the better.  While this may have been good practice, you still had to have five paintings at the end of the semester.  Many of those large paintings I had to finish at home in order to make that quote.   Painting smaller gives me that feeling of completion and well-being.   Since I started this goal of painting something everyday , painting smaller has allowed me to keep up with that goal and not lose interest mid-stream.   Since the weather has made a change I can now paint outside a lot more.  This is a 7 X 9  Water mixable Oil on canvas, called Seaside.

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Featured Artist- Andrew Wokabi

As away to expand our reach from time to time we will have a featured artist’s work to show you.  I feel this is away of exposing others work to you.  I have had the artist to tell you a little about themselves, and the process they did for their paintings, as well as the meaning the painting has to them.  I felt this was a great artist to start with and I know you will enjoy reading what he has written.  I would like to thank Andrew for being my first featured artist.

Since every artist has a different style this should also give new expressions of different types of artist.  As always your comments are important so please leave them, follow us, like us as we continue to grow with the new face of art.  Thanks for your support.


Andrew Kinyeru Wokabi is an artist specializing in all forms of modern artistic expressions ranging from Realism painting to Mixed Media Art.

Wokabi is a native of Kenya and is fluent in English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, the experiences and knowledge of both the indigenous African and urban American cultures are often seen in Wokabi’s artwork.

He is also known to frequently produce works that are aimed to build on the spiritual level of its viewer.

A Maasai Warrior Away Visit’ is one of the Wokabi’s portrayals of the strength of one’s culture (in this case, East African) on its people. It is an oil painting done on canvas and measures 36 inches in and 48 inches wide.

The images combine to illustrate a rare traditional practice of one of the most indigenous tribes in the world, the Maasai who are seen herein wearing their signature red and black striped tribal one piece garment and of whom Wokabi is a fourth generation descendant.

The exclusive practice states that if a warrior is out in the fields guarding the tribe’s cattle during the day as is customary, and a male visitor such as an elder pays a rare visit to his manyatta or homestead, then since the warrior is absent and as a sign of good gesture, the elder can sleep with the warrior’s wife if so desired by the elder. But for the elder to perform such an act, he must first plant his spear on the doorway of the warrior’s house to alert everyone especially the warrior that he is inside. Then the warrior must respectfully wait outside his homestead till the elder comes out and then they can discuss the nature or business of his visit.

In the painting, Wokabi uses a mixture of warm colors (yellows, browns, oranges) to create a feel of the intense heat usually common in the afternoon of the arid and semi-arid regions where the Maasai reside. The main character of the depiction, the Warrior, is placed on the foreground intentionally by the artist as Wokabi proceeds to use planes to depict the varying roles of the Maasai age sets with the children seated in a circle in a different plane while playing games. The two women are watching over the children while attending to chores like carrying firewood and pumping water. The cattle, an important part of that culture, appear to be led into the warrior’s makeshift enclosure. A green cow is inside the den indicating Wokabi’s occasional inclusion of some sort of minute surrealism in most of his works.

“The importance of art in society and lives of its enthusiasts and even around the unconcerned or unaware cannot be overlooked. Art’s influence and ability to visually educate and impact the observer is also quite fascinating. Long live art and artists as they draw from their wealth of creativity endowed by the Great Creator.” – Andrew Kinyeru Wokabi.


Life can be a journey or a “trip” — Are you going to be a whiner or a winner in life?  An African proverb teaches that “it rains on everyone’s roof.”

    Faith and fear are both expecting something to happen. Faith expects something good to happen. Fear expects something bad to happen.  Fear is exhausting.  Faith is liberating.  If you can change how you think, you can change how you feel.  When you change how you feel — you change how you act.

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When “shift” happens in your life you can either choose to feel bitter, helpless, resentful, angry and afraid.   Or you can choose to yield to the circumstances out of your control and gain wisdom, compassion, spiritual insights and future coping skills.  It’s not always the shift situation that causes unhappiness.  It’s your thoughts about it.  When the bad feelings come, you don’t have to chase…

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Online Gallery Opening

I am excited to announce we have launched our online gallery.  I am very happy with the process and want to thank “Artist Resources” for sending the information a few months ago.   Instead of waiting  to have another exhibit I decided to go this route while working on my daily painting projects.   I recently went to purchase art supplies and was asked by the cashier if I would like to hang some of my art in the store.  So I am going to submit some of the new works to the store.

I have been experimenting with using the palate knife for texture in my paintings something that I have not done before.  The process if different for me, the drying time is longer due to the thickness of the paints but I was happy with the results in the long run.  I am also using smaller canvas which cuts makes it easier to paint everyday.

I am adding the link to the online gallery,  stop by and visit   http://gallery.exhibbit.com/exhibition.

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