Used Paper and Digital Photo

Art has many directions it can go.  When a person views my art I allow them to make their own interpretation as to what it was ment to be or not.  I use all sorts of things to experiment with my art because I like to be surprised as to what I can do.  Art has allow me to be unhindered and expand in many ways.

I love working with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Director, and my list goes on and on.  I did this piece a few years ago while working in Photoshop. It’s called, “Used Paper”. I called it that because I  went to a good will store and actually purchased a torn art drawing book.  I scanned one of the pages into Photoshop, and started placing layers of other items on it. At the time I was interested in the Egg and how it represents life.  I was using the egg to give this life on my printer. I made sure to show the cracks in the egg, representing something trying to emerge from the egg. Using Photoshop  I drew eggs around the paper and with each egg I made a new layer. Then I interjected the words “Do You Be-Lieve” at different points. If you notice I separated the word to make a greater impact on the viewer.  With more overlays I added more colors, and shapes, and some distortions. I ended up with about ten layers when completed.

Using the Epson 2200, I printed on Somerset Photo Enhanced Velvet Radiant White paper with no color adjustment and used a 720 DPI.  This was a good experiment with used paper and transforming it into a digital print.

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The Bird of Paradise As Art

I noticed even though it’s been cold and wet mother earth has bloomed some beautiful flowers for me to look at. The bird of paradise to me is a beautiful flower.  I remember growing up with them in the yard and how colorful they were to look at.  The long steam, which holds one flower the shape of a bird’s beak.  It stands tall and slim and even when it dies it stands tall and just turns brown but does not drop down.  You end up just cutting away the brown leafs.  When I cut these two one of them had not opened but the next morning it had. Although it was no longer in the ground but in a vase with some water it knew to continue its life cycle and open up. Notice the color palette of the flower. Bright yellow-orange , green, purple, maroon, white. There are so many beautiful colors to this one flower.  I started painting with these colors to see what I will come up with. We are the bird of paradise as art.

Nature is busy with winter art

It’s been cold enough to give light snow on my green grass.  Most people have brown grass right now, but I have still been watering everyday so the grass has not turned  brown yet but it’s getting cold so I may stop watering within the next week.  When I saw the light snow, it made me think how wonderful nature is because it knows what to do and when to do it every time. It was overcast so the mountains where hard to see but you cold see the snow on them in the distance.  Have you ever stopped to watch nature and how it works on a daily base?  Sometimes I go in the backyard and watch how busy all of nature is. The birds are busy building nest, the lizards are busy gathering food, the ants are gathering their food for the winter.  Everything in nature is busy everyday doing something to prepare for the winter months.

As an artist I am being mindful that as nature is busy gathering I too must gather visions, thoughts, words, inspirations, supplies, and then put all  this on canvas, paper, computer or boards. Just as the cycle of nature is busy I too must keep my artist cycle busy with inspiration.  What inspiration do you have when doing art.  The canvas is my world of anything I want my world to be. Your comments are important to us, so please leave them.

The Different Faces of Art

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without the talents and gifts you bring in the form of art?  When you look back in history at so many artist whose shoulders we all stand on, you see the many faces of art in form, perception, use of color, black and white, political, women’s art, contemporary, abstract, installations and so on.  Art of the years has not really changed just the concept of doing it has evolved into something greater.  As we are now headed into a new year what are your goals for your art. How will you expand, and come out of your comfort zone, how will you as an artist emerge into that beautiful butterfly and fly off into the sunset.  How will you play with color and do what is not common.  Yes, the new year is a time for all artist to emerge into that greatness that you and myself have wondered about.  The world is waiting on us to show it something that touches the human soul, as artist let’s not be afraid to explore the unknown with our color, concept and techniques. Let’s expand ourselves to greater possibilities.  This piece was originally a photo which was taken with one of those old cameras that used film , you remember those don’t you.  I scanned it into my computer and using Photoshop made something different thereby giving me a digital art piece I could frame. My experiment was to print it on different types of paper to see the different effect the paper would have on it. Using Photoshop allowed me to put special effect into the photo that were not there and giving it a more real look.  Let me know what you think about it and any comments you might have.

The Holidays and Art

It’s December and I must say I have not done any art for about a month now. Instead of writers block I have canvas block.  I am trying to think of a new theme and designs and keep coming up blank.  I think the rush around of the holidays has my mind not focused on painting or drawing.  I often wonder why consumers get caught up in the holiday madness.  The crowded stores, people spending money they don’t have, rushing around, eating more than you have eaten all year, being stressed about a holiday which comes every year.

For the past few days I have just been being quiet. Not really thinking about anything, going for walks looking at nature.  Watching how the birds work to gather food, and build nest in the trees.  Not shopping or running around losing my mind with shopping but getting grounded so I can work on my art again.  The quiet time has been good for me giving my mind a place to go for peace.

I know my empty canvas will have something great on it whenever I do return to painting. Yes the holidays and art go together. They inter-twine with one another to find a place to fit with each other.  I would like to know your feeling about the holidays so please comment on this as well as any other post we have made. We would like to know what you think and feel about our art so please leave a comment.  Please follow my blog so you can know what I’m up to.

Back To Basics of Drawing

It’s six days before Thanksgiving, 2011.  Now is the time people start reflecting on what they have accomplished so far.  The day after Thanksgiving is what is called “Black Friday” and retail is in motion for all the shoppers who will start their Christmas shopping early.  The year is almost over and there are some who have already left the mortal body and gone to the next phase of life while others will leave before the start of the new year.  While reflecting today, I felt it was a time to go back to basics. Back to the beginning of drawing with just paper and pencil. Back to the beginning where you have to really shade with the pencil, hatch drawing for technique, lines are drawn deep onto the paper.  Yes, back to the basics of drawing where one can reflect on being an artist. Back to the basics of art. Back to the beginning where it all started.

The Drummer

The Drummer



The drum is perhaps the oldest musical instrument in the world, with every society employing it in varying degrees. However, it is most revered among the people of Africa, where it comes in various forms and fulfills various functions. The drum is the most important musical instrument in Africa.