Artist Marketing Resources

Artist-Endowed Foundations, many of which give grants to visual artists or operate gallery exhibition programs and other services for artists, include:

the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation which founded and gives on-going support of Change, Inc., which issues emergency grants to artists in need  The Rauschenberg Foundation also has a Pinterest board where you can add images of your art inspired by Robert Rauschenberg–here is the link.

the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

the Krasner-Pollock Foundation makes grants to individual artists

Joan Mitchell Foundation makes grants to individual artists

Willem de Kooning Foundation

the Keith Haring Foundation

Robert Motherwell’s Dedalus Foundation, provides Master of Fine Arts Fellowships

Jerome Hill’s Jerome Foundation–grants to emerging artists

the Morris Graves Foundation, conducts residency programs

Other Artist foundations to research: the Adolph Gottlieb Foundation…

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Thank you for sharing

Carla Ryan

 The deck on the back of our house is quite roomy. It’s also about four feet above the ground. Lately, I’ve noticed that this is an ideal “perch” for my newly-acquired dog and from which she can survey her surroundings. The higher perspective allows Zelda to be discerning as to any expenditure of energy (racing to the fence line) and how much communication (AKA barking) she needs to do. It also provides a lesson for me. A higher perspective has a purpose.

Each day, in the cool morning hours, this protective dog reluctantly leaves my side to go outside and lie down on the deck at the top of the stairs. She is undisturbed as the hummingbirds feed above her head. Robins and other urban birds come and go across our landscape, pulling worms from the ground, drinking from the birdbath, or robbing fruit from the bushes and trees. The…

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Very inspiring

Carla Ryan

One of the aspects of our family home, the one we’ve moved back into in recent months, is that – as one friend commented – it has character. Yes, it does. It has unique attributes that give it its own personality and atmosphere, similar to the way people have theirs. It got me wondering, “How does this happen to a house? How do we recognize when a person has character? What does that really mean?”

A few definitions for “character” include: personality, disposition, moral fiber, nature, spirit, and more. When applied to a house, it must come from its architects and, eventually, its residents. We can witness over time how a homeowner or family adds to the personality of a house through its décor, landscaping, and wear-and-tear – the livingness of life. The nicks and bruises, repairs and improvements, even the human or animal scents of those who live there…

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Jewel Diamond Taylor, keynote speaker, author, life coach, founder of Women on the Grow, faith builder

1.       Plant a tree to help the planet.
2.       Rescue a pet.
3.       Volunteer as a teacher’s assistant.
4.       Donate sturdy shoes, thick socks and winter coats.
5.       Give warm biscuits to people living on the street.
6.       Start a food drive with your family and friends.
7.       Donate blood, plasma, and/or platelets.
8.       Join or create a support group.
9.       Console someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.
10.     Help someone find a job.
11.     Help clean or cover-up graffiti.
12.     Volunteer as Santa or an elf.
13.     Read books to children at your local library or bookstore.
14.     Bring your pet to visit the elderly or disabled.
15.     Donate books to the library.
16.     Contact a homeless shelter to see what assistance you can provide.
17.    …

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4th of July…..Goal Checking

Desert Birds

We are now in the count down of the year so I am reflecting on where I am and what I have done so far.   As you remember I mentioned that I was doing a painting a day which has become my “Small Art series”.   I have been inspired with this because it allows me to start and finish a painting a day.  It also allows me to have new works at any given time for any art exhibits I want to be in.  I have marked this as not only as a goal completed but a goal that is very successful.

I find taking my digital camera with me everywhere allows me to take those shots that would be lost.  Most of the time when you get too close to birds they fly away, but this one just continued to sit and watch me.  I would take a step and wait, (he/she) did not move.  At first I thought well maybe it could not fly away, but later found it was gone.  Guess it just wanted to get in my blog for this month.  I am not sure what type of bird it is, but since It was in desert heat  it must be strong enough to endure that kind of heat.  This is the next painting I am working on as part of the daily painting.

Have a safe 4th of July everyone, remember your pets and fireworks don’t mix.  As always comments are important part of our blog so please leave them.  Art can be purchased at Thanks for following me and for all the Likes.