Art in the New Economy

Anyone who spends money on anything from eggs to art, from you and me to multinational corporations, will be looking for value in what they spend it on. Speculation is out, buying on margin is out, impulse buying is out– the only thing that’s in is what it’s worth now and to what degree of certainty it will continue to be worth at least that amount in the future. What kinds of value will buyers be looking for? Excellence, quality, productivity, dedication, commitment, reputation, pride in workmanship, these sorts of things– the values that made America great– standards that have sadly been lost in the shuffle of our greed-is-good, hard-work-is-for-losers, every-man-for-himself, party-party-party attitude towards life.

Art in many forms

As part of my creative endeavor I just finished writing my one-act play.  I must say I am very proud of myself as this is my first attempt in being a playwright.  Once I put this together my next goal is to find a place to cast and bring to the public this endeavor. Who knows this maybe what I am called to do.  Art has no boundaries the more we expand the more we find in the creative field.  The object is to create.

The New Face of Art

Art has changed in resent years from being very contemporary to anything goes.  Everything can be made into art even that old computer you have sitting in your closet.  When taken apart the parts can be a most interesting abstract piece of art.  There have not been many artist who have use objects as art for many years now.

The new generation of artist which I’m apart of not only use objects but use daring colors like bright reds and oranges.  We paint outside the lines and use dark blues, we don’t just paint on canvas but we use tree bark, wood, old furniture and anything else we can express ourselves on.  We use things people have thrown away and make sculptures out of them.

I am not talking about the taggers who deface private property but real artist who understand the beauty of art and the expression of the artist. These are the new faces of art.


Today I focused my attention on the movement of the clouds in the sky and the different shapes they made from time to time.  Each time they moved they created another shape or design. As artist we should be like the clouds in the sky. With each movement of the brush, pencil or whatever medium we are using we should be creating a new shape a new story with our art.  Each time someone looks at my art I want them to have a story in their minds from it. I want the viewer to create their own story from my art making themselves apart of the art emotionally.  To me this is the foundation of great art when the viewer can become involved emotionally with the art piece.  Art should be like music, each stroke should be a new note of feelings from the artist.

The Artist Speaks