We are looking over the progress we made this year 2012.  During the summer we started our small art series which enabled us to complete a painting a day which increased our inventory of art.  This process we learned from networking with other artist. We also explored different media instead of just oils.  We did a few paintings with the palate knife which was some what of a challenge because of being use to using a brush and the lack of control of the paint.

We took up black and white photography and learned the development process as well as the “wet world” of photography. It has been so long since we used film and we were surprised at just how many people still use film cameras.  PHOTO PROJECT

We took a 2D Design class and learned about Applied Line Projects, negative space and  logo making.  0ff2f2ab479b__1349302992000 - CopyLady With Rose

We worked on our site by…

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Happiness does not come from doing easy

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.–Theodore Rubin

A Grand Gesture

Construction Everywhere
Construction Everywhere

A man got on the bus with a large bag of what everyone thought was dry dog food.  Once settled in his seat he stated, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and then he proceeded to give everyone on the bus two lemons from the large bag we all had perceived to be dry dog food.

This small gesture brought a smile to everyone on the bus.  Sometimes the smallest things will make you stop and think just how grand life really is.  Today was the last final I had to take and the quarter is now ended until January.

The beginning Photography class went well, there were times I had trouble with the technical aspect of film development but with time It will smooth out. Transition from digital to film is a big adjustment even for me.  The 2D Design went well but I don’t think I will be taking anything else in that direction, but the class itself was intense and interesting.

All in all I finished what I started……(Breathing) and even though there were times I felt like I had been handed a lot of lemons, I made my lemonade and continued to the finish line, the end of this quarter.

I’ll be uploading all the photographs I took in week or so after I scan them into my computer.  I look forward to sharing them with you.

The picture is just some of the construction going on in the city.  This was taken with my digital camera.  Please feel free to like us, leave your comments and follow us as we continue this journey of art.

Harvesting The Goodness of November

With everything going on with the east coast weather November seems to be a time to just be grateful for what ever good you have in your life.  As we all have watched the news reports of loss and hardship of our east coast friends we recognize just how fragile life can be and the things we sometimes put value on can be taken away in a flash.  We continue to hold those on the east coast in peace as they move forward on rebuilding their lives.

This is the newest piece to the Small Art Series.  It is  5 1/2  by 7 1/2  pencil drawing on Bristol.  This is an ideal framed piece due to the border we have left.   The name of the piece is Lady With Rose.  The main concept for this piece was to show negative and positive space.

Thank you to all we have kept up with us this year we are so grateful for you.  Feel free to leave your comments and like us.



The space shuttle Endeavour made its final journey last weekend, traveling 12-miles from Los Angeles International Airport, through Inglewood, to the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

The retired orbiter was carried through city streets atop a special transporter. Throngs of people lined the route as it shimmied around trees, utility poles and other obstacles.

More time-lapse video: Endeavour detached from Boeing 747

It had arrived in Los Angeles on a Boeing 747 on Sept. 20 and kept in LAX’s United Airlines hangar as it was prepared for the crosstown trip.

“Mission 26” as it was dubbed because of the spacecraft’s 25 flight missions for NASA started just before midnight Thursday and finished Sunday afternoon, more than 16 hours late.

Its final journey was slowed by unexpected maintenance issues and last-minute maneuvers to avoid obstacles like trees and utility poles. The 85-ton orbiter survived the trip with nary a scratch.

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