The space shuttle Endeavour made its final journey last weekend, traveling 12-miles from Los Angeles International Airport, through Inglewood, to the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

The retired orbiter was carried through city streets atop a special transporter. Throngs of people lined the route as it shimmied around trees, utility poles and other obstacles.

More time-lapse video: Endeavour detached from Boeing 747

It had arrived in Los Angeles on a Boeing 747 on Sept. 20 and kept in LAX’s United Airlines hangar as it was prepared for the crosstown trip.

“Mission 26” as it was dubbed because of the spacecraft’s 25 flight missions for NASA started just before midnight Thursday and finished Sunday afternoon, more than 16 hours late.

Its final journey was slowed by unexpected maintenance issues and last-minute maneuvers to avoid obstacles like trees and utility poles. The 85-ton orbiter survived the trip with nary a scratch.

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This is my first photo art project that I processed.  This was taken with 35mm black and white film, processed on glossy photo paper 8x 10.  This was my first experience developing film in a darkroom. The photo was taken at the Edward Dean Museum in Cherry Valley.

I would love to hear your comments.  Thanks for following me and liken my page.  I will have more photo’s for you to see very soon.

2D Design Applied Line

Started a new project using the technical pens and applied lines.  Use a graph lay out for photograph then use the lines as shading and texture for the design.  It was time-consuming to say the least. Much different from painting because of the amount of time it takes to complete.  The drawing is 10 X 10, with a border.   It will be part of my small art series for 2D Design.  By using darker lines you can see the different color values.  I only used two pen black and brown for the drawing.   As always, comments are important, we value them.  Thanks for following my art journey.

these shots are just wonderful

Becoming is Superior to Being

A year ago May, Mark Kelly command the last flight of Space Shuttle EndeavourNASA had space shuttle Endeavour Tucson flyover to honor former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords‘ hometown on its way from Texas to a California museum where it will be displayed. Read more:


Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Tucson Flyover Was Almost Directly Over Our House.

It was 11:15 a.m., so some shots were almost directly into the sun.

Coming in from the east and heading south after passing over above.

Heading south over central Tucson.

Diffidently better images at right angles to the sun.

Images by kenne

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A New Direction

Well I am back taking art classes and I am excited.   I will be taking 2D Design and Photography.   Photography is also used as Fine Art which is an area I have not explored but am looking forward to learning how it relates to Fine Art. I will be studying black and white photography and developing my own film.  So I will have a lot of great things to show you.  Visual art is a wide field to explore.  2D Design is the language of visual arts and is in every aspect of marketing.  For me this is a new chapter of my Fine Art career.  As always your comments and likes are important so please leave them.  Be sure to follow us as we start this new chapter in art.  You can find more of our work at

Summer Comes To An End

As summer winds down and we prepare for children returning to school, weather hopefully getting cooler, and the last holiday which will end summer (Labor Day) we reflect on how the summer has wrapped up.  Did we accomplish what we set out to do?  Did we meet those goals we thought about doing?  As summer comes to and end we realize we have three months before the year ends.

It has been a great summer all in all.  I had a few sales of art on the international circuit,  I continue to do my daily small art series,  I have plenty of inventory of new works ready for exhibits and I’m planning to attend some art classes and workshops for the fall.

All in all I had a pretty good summer.   The weather was hot, with rain sometimes and thunder but I remained steadfast on my art.

The digital photo was taken in Cherry Valley at the Sausage and Beer Festival.  It was one of the cooler days where mother earth gave us a nice breeze.  Thanks for following us.  Like us and leave your comments.


August Heat, Painting Block and Photoshop Creation

It has been triple digits temperatures for the past week which has left me not wanting to be near a paint bush or in my studio.  This type of weather often gives me a case of painting block  where all I want to do is stay as cool as possible.  So we have been out of the studio for the past week doing other things, like shredding papers, filing papers off my desk and looking through a lot of old portfolio’s which I have plenty of.

I found my digital art portfolio where this was.  In this project I was exploring how creatively were both traditional fine art media and techniques incorporated into the digital printmaking process.

I also explored just how the use of repeated images or a series of related images effect the overall visual concept of the art.  The next process was to explore how the presentation of this artwork relate to the original concept of the art and how digital print effect or change my approach to art making.   From these processes we have the broken pieces.

This process can be used when performing any art piece.  See if you can find the answers in the art print.   We look forward to you comments, so please leave them.  Like us and follow us as we move through this thing called art.  Peace………..