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Precious Lord of Life: Knowing that your

Precious Lord of Life:
Knowing that your thoughts are not like our thoughts and, your ways are not like our ways, we ask for Your perfect peace. We ask to accept even that which we do not understand. We ask for peace for the families that lost loved ones and, peace for the spirit that took their lives. We stand firmly on your promises tonight. You promised that you would send us a Comforter.
You promised that in our deepest needs, you would lift us to a place that is higher that we think or feel or live. Just know we are standing and holding on to your promises.
Lord, we ask that you give us the right language to express our thoughts and feelings about what has happened. We ask that you show us how to make sense of the senseless; teach us how to stay in love when faced with anger and hatred; to find humility and hope when we feel hopeless and lost. Give us the strength to see beyond this moment to the healing that is possible. Give us the wisdom to withhold judgment, criticism and condemnation and use our thought and words to bless those who are hurting. Our hearts are heavy, our minds are confused and still we remember to look to You. May your angels, avatars, teachers and the presence of your Holy Spirit surround us all.
Knowing that you hear our prayers and because we ask we receive, we now rest in Thee.
We Let It Be, Trusting You.
Amen and Ashe~~~I Vanzant



Water based oils painted on Bristol paper, mounted on backing board with grey boarder.

Abstract 2D Design 10 X 10

Arting for 365 Day 228: Floating

Very nice

Micah Richardson

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

On some far off planet, in some other universe, a child plays and dreams. She imagines a place full of wonderful creatures that move about in beautiful patterns and create sounds that are music to her ears. The creatures, she is certain, are friendly and exciting and imaginative. Most importantly, they love to play.

Imagining what fun they would have, the girl determines she must meet these creatures and so devises a plan. She will build them a home (that also doubles as a spaceship, of course) and attach a balloon to carry it into the atmosphere. It would float and she would wait. Patiently. For her new friends to arrive.

Day 228 Floating Detail

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Bougainvilleas Tell Us When Winter Has Arrived In The Desert

Love the deep color of this

Becoming is Superior to Being

Bougainvillea 2012

Bougainvillea 2012Bougainvillea Images by kenne

The December solstice, also known as the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is December 21, 2012. However, two mornings ago the temperature in the Tucson area hit 32 degrees or below. The Bougainvillea is a very sensitive plant to freezing, which tells us that winter in the desert has arrived ten days before the winter solstice — goodbye till next spring!


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Reflections of an Artist 2012

Looking through the window
Looking through the window

We are looking over the progress we made this year 2012.  During the summer we started our small art series which enabled us to complete a painting a day which increased our inventory of art.  This process we learned from networking with other artist. We also explored different media instead of just oils.  We did a few paintings with the palate knife which was some what of a challenge because of being use to using a brush and the lack of control of the paint.

We took up black and white photography and learned the development process as well as the “wet world” of photography. It has been so long since we used film and we were surprised at just how many people still use film cameras.  PHOTO PROJECT

We took a 2D Design class and learned about Applied Line Projects, negative space and  logo making.  0ff2f2ab479b__1349302992000 - Copy Lady With Rose

We worked on our site by uploading more art to it on a regular base, while also maintaining our blog, joined an art association and  networked with more artist.  All in all I think I had a pretty good year…..what about you??

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Thanks for following us, liken our blog……..:)