December 2018: Our New Projects

So we have started a new project to be apart of our art. We made our first batch of scented candles and they came out pretty good. As we continue on the path of Intuitive Art we will include scented candles with each art piece.

One thing is very true about art you will continue to evolve and grow into your art. Continue to expand your talents.

Can you believe we have come into December and this year is just about finished. Are you on point with your goals? Have you stayed the course? What story will you tell yourself as you come to the end of the year.

November 2018 What Have You Learned

We are here at the beginning of the holiday season. What lessons have you learned from your experiences this year, from your disappointments, from your inspiring moments.

I find myself doing a lot of reflection during this time of year especially when other people were involved.

“Other people” those people who say they are your friends but will jump ship not really caring, those people who don’t follow through with comminment, those people who’s word you are better off not trusting.

November is a time for reflection on what went right and what went very wrong but yet it still worked out for your good and not your fall.

Your ok, you may have been hurt and even dismayed by their actions but you made it without them. Your ok.

#ArtistDayTrip October2018

Can you believe we are here in October 2018, We are seeing cool weather now here on the West Coast?   Hope everyone has an awesome creative time, there are lots of festivals starting for the fall so we will be updating our calendar for our Artist Day Trips.


Artists’ Reception: 25 Years in the Making

2 PM · Chaffey Community Museum of Art

What Storms Teach Us. September 2018

Its that time of year where the East coast is getting slammed with hurricanes and rain.  As I was watching everyone preparing for #Florence it brought to mind every storm teaches us to go to higher ground.  They require us to leave where we are and move to higher ground. They change our perspective about life and they cause us to reexamine our reason for being on the planet.

Some people move to higher ground and find the safety and resources some dont move to higher ground when advised to and become trapped in the devastation of the storm.  All are affected but the out comes differ.

So take heed to the storms in life for they just might be showing you the next level your to go to.

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August Calendar: #ArtistDayTrip

Well hello August, wow that was faster than we wanted. Here on the West Coast, we are still experiencing triple degrees weather and lots of fires. This heat wave came early so at this point we all want cooler weather.

So this month we are going to take our #ArtistDayTrip to Long Beach, California to the Barbeque Festival. This is my first time for this event so I’m excited. Be sure to catch the broadcast stream on

Auguest 17, 2018 #ArtistDayTrip Barbque Festival, Long Beach, Ca

August 18-19. #ArtistDayTrip

Sausage and Beer Festival 12pm-5pm