New Painting:Watercolor

So we started a new watercolor painting. Its larger than normal so it will take me longer to complete. We’ve been using watercolor for the past few months. This particular painting is a combination of watercolor pencil and paints.


March 2018 Calendar: Artist Day Trips, New Class: Getting Your Art Seen: Your First Art Exhibit

We have hit the 90 Day mark of 2018 and with that the festivals are starting up again. I hope you are keeping the theme for 2018 alive ” I Can, I Will, I Am” as you continue to move forward towards manifesting your goals for this year.


This year will kick off the beginning of a series of classes we will be offering. We will start off with “Getting Your Art Seen: Your First Art Exhibit”. March 24, 2018 9:00am to 11:00 am PST, There are only 10 seats and we will hold it on Zoom.

The registration is $25 and can be paid via PayPal using the email


We are excited about this and the prospect of you having your first exhibit.


Sheep Shearing March 18, 2018

We will try to the Artist Day Trip if we can get a signal.

#ArtistDayTrips Calendar

February 24,2018

2nd Annual Cultured Food Festival

This will be the first festival of 2018. As you recall we went last year and it was pretty good. Very educational.

Hopefully we can get a decent WiFi connection so we can take you alone.

Meanwhile remember you can find us on,, InstaGram, Tweeter and FB. So lets stay in touch.

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Lets keep in touch.

Have The Determination To keep Moving Like The River #askmamalouise

This was such an awesome word of inspiration that I just wanted to share it with you. #askmamalouise is an awesome intuitive life coach on social media. If you need encouragement take a listen.

A Play With Texture

We are in the studio today. Started a new painting today 11 x 14 Canvas but we wanted texture instead of just a smooth background. Instead of just brushing the paint on like we normally do for the background we poured in on the canvas and then just swrilled it on the canvas. As you can see that left some unique texture space. Now we are allowing it to dry and will decide later what we will do with it. We are using #Acrylicpaints a Lime Green and Coral Cove which blended together make a interesting color.

Welcome The Quilting Company

We would like to welcome a new affiliate link “The Quilting Company” we are so looking forward to starting the Quilting Art projects we have heard so much about.   Thank you for the opportunity to have your link on our page. 

If you are a Quilter please use this link. Just click the icon and it will take you right to their website.

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Artist Thoughts: A New Segment 

Another way to find us on Social Media is to listen to our radio segment on Anchor.FM

Our segment #ArtistThoughts gives you other ways to explore your creative journey. 

The world is waiting for you to expand and deliver your gifts.

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