Manifest Your Thoughts

As creatives we understand an empty canvas. We understand we turn our thoughts into a piece of #art, a #drawing, a #painting, a #book, a #movie, a #poem, a #sculpture, a song. We see the unseen vision develope each day while we manifest a reality which will be frozen in time.

As creatives we freeze time and we can see where we were compared to where we are right now. We see how we have grown, how we tried new things on our creative path and how the frozen space looks different.

Yes as creatives we understand the ploy of the empty canvas. What will your thoughts manifest for you in 2018?

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Your Scars Are Your Victory You Made It

Your Scars Are Your victory that you made it to the other side of your challenges this year.  You may have had some losses but you made it to the other side.

Life stretches us when we have challenges.  It causes us to change our perspectives towards people, places and things. 

Your scars are your victory that you came through. You can Celabrate because you are not where you were at the start of 2017.

This is a ink drawing from our sketchbook. We experienced using ink this year during Inktober2017.  I did more face drawings this year. Still have to practice but still trying.

Today is Christmas Eve we are wishing everyone a safe holiday. Thank you so much to taking another art journey with us.

Moving Through 2017

As we are on the steps of moving from 2017 into 2018 let us choose to do so with grace.

Let us not be so ridget that we put harsh systems in place that we cannot go around them or build such structures of improvement that we will beat ourselves up if we fall off the path. 

Give yourself room to grow. Give yourself space and grace to fail and get back up and try again.

This is a #sketchbook #doodle that as you can see I made a mistake on and used #whiteout to cover it. But its ok because my #sketchbook are my short stories of my day by day life as a #artist. 

Receive and Receiving The Art Of Both

Listen to my segment “#ArtistMotivationalMonday Ep40 Receive and Receiving” on Anchor:

Holistic Wellness Fair

We had an awesome day at the Holistic Wellness Fair in Beaumont,Ca.  We met a lot of great artist who do unique art. Here is the replay from the event. 

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As always thank you for being apart of our creative journey.🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨