Remembering Artist and Museums during #Harvey #Irma #Jose


Saturday Sketchbook Drawing

    In the studio drawing in our sketchbook.  Cam you believe it is September.  

So much has transpired this year.  It is so important to stay focused on your #creative journey to counter the stress of everything going on with mother nature.

We currently have this heatwave in #California and now fires while the rest of the country is dealing with the aftermath of #Harvey.

Be safe everyone.💝💝💝🎨🎨🎨


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#ArtistDayTrip: Cultural Food Festival

Had an awesome time at the First Annual Cultural Food Festival in Cherry Valley, California. 

There were workshops and lectures on everything from sourdough bread to benefits of raw milk.

There were demotration on making trrtree oil which smelled nothing like what you get in retail stores. This was fresh off the press and it was awesome.

I met two awesome ladies who invited me to have some fresh bread and butter with them at their table. 

A good way to bring community together while enjoying nature.


TeeTree oil Demo

There were a lot of shops here.

Live Broadcast: Oil on Canvas and Collage

While cleaning my studio I found a canvas that had not been used. I wanted to do a collage type of project using oils so I started applying the collage part. 

Since I was up early this morning with my sick dog who had tummy issues I did a sketch in my sketchbook.

Now I’m transferring that sketchbook drawing onto canvas. 

Its kind of abstract don’t you think.

Dot Painting

Ok so I tried what is called “dot painting.  I practiced in my sketchbook then went to canvas.  I will have to get the crochet tools that are used but for now I used the end of a pen. 

I put paint on the tip and pressed where I wanted the white to go.

Came out pretty good. Let me know what you think.

This is a small 5 x5 oil on canvas

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