2018 Manifest it, dont just talk about it.

Its here the count down for the new year has started. People are heading to different places to be ready for the celebration of the new year.  Have you ever thought that maybe you are the celebration.  You and your creative energy are a celebration every time you step into a room.

2017 has been a great year, and as we close it out with the last blog of the year we want to thank everyone for their support of this blog. You have followed, you have liked and shared and we are so grateful for your presents.

We are looking forward to what 2018 will manifest.


Good Things Continue To Happen

They say “good things come to those who wait” but I say “good things come to those who continue to press forward with their dreams until they manifest into reality”.

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I am so happy to be apart of this outstanding opportunity.

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Winter Fest Tree Lighting 2015


Winterfest Tree Lighting Festival 2015
Winter fest Tree Lighting Festival 2015

Tonight we went to the Winter Fest Tree Lighting Festival.  This is the reality that Christmas is just around the corner and 2015 is almost out the door.  Where did the year go.

We stayed long enough for the tree lighting and then left because it was cold. They even brought snow  in for those who wanted to snow board.

Santa and Mrs Claus were there walking around greeting everyone, they had a group there called Heart and Soul line dancing who performed, there was a choir there singing  Christmas Carols, and plenty of food.

All in all it was a good community event.

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Once again we are at the point coming to the end of another year.   This year our focus was more studio working hours, more paintings, more exhibits and completing my first Art book.   Well we did what we set out to do.  All in all it turned out to be a good year for us and it looks like 2015 is going to be an even better year.

We have one exhibit so far in January 2015 and so many ideas as far as more paintings and designs.  My sketch book is over flowing with so much for the up coming year.

As we come to the middle of December, and everyone is running around trying to finish up Christmas shopping….lets stay focused on the real meaning of holidays……family, friends and reconnecting to ones inner voice.

We all have the ability to create a better place, as artist we show ours in the form of paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, singing, movies.   Art is our avenue of opening doors to creating more beauty,  more inspiring works, more togetherness.

I so enjoy reading and looking at so many of your works of art and you have no idea how you have encouraged me with my own journey of art and for that I say “thank you”.

You can see more of our works at http://chinue.imagekind.com/
Art is a wonderful gift this time of year and a lasting gift which does not lose value as time goes on.

Artist you are the shinning light in the world…….create and let your lights shine bright.  Have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to our January 2015 writings.  Thank you for liking our page,  follow us and please feel free to leave comments we really do read them……


Lighting The Way

This Is Who I Am, This Is What I Do………I Am A Artist

Plains     It’s been said, “hope is an expected end, you settle for less because you don’t want to pay the cost to keep moving forward.”.  It’s in my DNA to create, to see beyond what is presented to me and to not accept just being like everyone else.  I am an Artist, this is who I am, this is what I do.  I want something I can point to. I’m like a graph of interchanging specs constantly growing and changing with time.  I like the treads of a canvas that over time the paint is woven into it and the colors become stronger.

Life does not come with a handbook, it comes with twist and turns, valleys and hills, streams and rivers.  There are many players along the way, some have a repeat performance, and are re-cast later in time, some get one shot and are never called back, some are to be an Oscar winner with the trophy of their works.

Art tells us a story for that season it was created. That story is related to that piece of art and as time evolves so does that piece of art.  It is frozen for that time and space. It tells the story for the artist during that time of their life.

As artist many times you walk into areas you don’t understand. There are the spoken and unspoken rules that the artist of past ignored or just went along with. There are those artist who ignored the rules and pushed the envelope to be known for their own signature as an artist.

To create is to inspire, and sometimes in the quietness of the night the two shall meet and there you find that space in time.  It can be the morning sunrise, it can be the quietness of the earth, it can be the fine lines on a leaf and the detail it has that you never noticed before that day.

Artist occupy the same ground, but have different visions of that ground.   We symbolize structure, unspoken rules, power, authority and control of what we determine as creative……..

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The painting is part of the Small Art Series 2013 Oil on Canvas 8 X 10


RIP Nelson Mandela and Dr. Paul Crouch – One Person Can Make A Difference In The World

Lighting The WayWe are at the fifth day of December, 2013 and some of our profound peacemakers and visionaries have transitioned to their next form of life.  They have moved from our visible world to that of the eternal world.  They have left us with their life teachings of vision.  The first was the Founder of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Dr. Paul Crouch.  A man who had a vision for twenty-four hour Christian broadcasting world-wide.  When no one else was talking or thinking about broadcasting satellite, cable  television, Dr. Crouch was seeing how to broadcast christian programing around the world and 40 years later he has finished his journey and has taken his rest from his labor.  The next person taught us about having a vision of peace.  Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years and yet when released he could not and would not have ill feeling towards those who had held him.  He was a man of peace and he lived his life as that example for us.  He was the symbol of reconciliation  He taught the world, no one is born hating one another but this is learned and we as people can learn to love the same way.  Two men, two visions, two leaders who left their mark on society and are in the pages of history for this time and season.  RIP dear souls, you have finished your work and left us with the examples….RIP.

Stay tune for the New Year Post January, 2014.   Blessing to everyone……..

This is the last writing for 2013,  I would like to thank everyone who has followed me this year.  Thank you for your “Likes” to my post.    We are wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season………We are looking forward to 2014.

Nothing in Art is Useless

Today I started a project using self hardening clay.  I am using this clay because I don’t have access to a firing kiln at this time and I don’t want to use the oven hardening clays either. My focus will be the human anatomy, centered on the comprehension of the human form in terms of gesture and physical structure. I have found using the self hardening clay gives you the opportunity to explore these human form comprehension because it allows you to do the details and yet remove the mistakes while making notes of the process as you go alone. I am using my reference book “Anatomy For the Artist” as my focus for sculptural expression. My tools for this project will be a sculpting knife, clay cutting wire, and loop modeling tools. To keep self harding clay moist a wet towel can be used to cover the clay until you finish working on the project. When your finished with the sculpture leaving it uncovered will dry it out and harden it. Once dry you can paint with acrylic paints, along with a water sealer which will make the pottery water-resistant.  The process is clean, simple and has excellent results. Since my focus is usually on abstract drawings, this is a good way for me to keep details straight.

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No Technique Doesn’t Have Its Place

This is the first blog for 2012 and we are so happy for this brand new year for new experiences in art.  This is a carving plaster clay sculpture. It was a cast block of plaster which took about two hours to set in a bucket. Then carved into an abstract form, which has enclosed negative openings going through it.  It has asymmetric in every direction and has at least two masses of different sizes.  The carving was the hardest thing to be done, then the edges were filed down to make them smooth.  Due to the shape of the sculpture is holds the water inside of the clay so the drying time is going on even while the carving is going on.  Once desired shape has been completed the sculpture is then brushed painted.  I used a white metallic  color but you can use any color you want.  The size of the sculpture is 10X33X7.  I found with this piece to really show the shine of the paint, it is best displayed with a light on it.  We value your comments so please leave them and follow our blog for more inspiration in the art world.

The New Year Approaches

We are now in the countdown for the new year.  Expectations are high as everyone sets their new goals and resolutions for the up coming year.  As an artist I have done the same.  I have made my new business plan, my new work plan, my new contact list of places to contact for having an exhibit, my new organization plan for keeping my office a little more uncluttered with projects.  Ah….the new year gives us all new hope that this year will be better than the last year.

In all of this planning let us not forget to just be grateful that we have the ability to set all these goals and expectations.  I want to thank all of my new followers, you’re the best and my old followers for your continued support. Yes 2012 is the year (Leap year) for great things to happen in the life of the artist.

For the past few weeks I have been shedding papers, cleaning out my studio and cleaning out my garage. I have been getting rid of old paints which have turned hard, old papers, notes and phone numbers which never made it into my phone book.  Getting rid of that which no longer is a part of the divine idea for my career as an artist.  I am ready for the new year and all of its grand gestures of abundance, goodness, inspirations.  I wish all of you a safe transition into the New Year.

Remember your comments are important to us, we value them greatly…….:)

Thanks for following us for the New Year.

This is a human form Clay Sculpture, painted with black acrylic paints I did in 2010.