#ArtistDayTrip June 2019

    Can you believe we are at the halfway mark of this year?  Now is the time for reflection on where we are, where we want to be and what it takes to get there.  

So far for us, we have been on target with the Scented Candles and getting things in place.  Very soon we will be announcing the opening of our Esty store.

We are excited about the #ArtistDayTrips for June. The weather is finally starting to get warm and the rain is going away.  Below are the trips we have planned. We will do our best to live stream the events.

June 1, 2019, Glass Museum

June 8, 2019, Lavender Festival

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Herbivore Festival and Celebrating Eight Years Blogging

Its hard to believe I have been doing this blog for eight years. There have been many times I have wanted to give up and ask myself why. Well this is the best way to let you experience some of my world through #ArtistDayTrips, my art and now Candle making.Its away to connect with many of you who are across the world. When I started I had no idea I would really have much to say but you have all been so supportive and encouraging and for that I thank you.

So as you know the #Festivals have started here on the West Coast so we went to a new one a #VeganFestival AIT was at one of the community College campuses. It was a nice sunny day and we had a wonderful time.

There were lots of vendors, plenty of food and music.

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#ArtistDayTrip- March 2019

Well we kicked off the start of the #ArtistDayTrip last month, so if you missed it be sure to go back and catch the replay. For the month of March we have lots of trips planned and hope you will join us on the live streams at Periscope.tv/theartist_56, you can also catch the replay there.

We will be attending the #Sheepshearing again this year, we love watching the sheep get all that wool off them just in time for the hot summer. This year we have some new events we will be attending such as the Irish Festival in Upland, Ca. the Pie Festival, in Claramont, and the return of the swallows in San Juan Capistrano.

As with all events we will do our best to live stream if we can get a strong enough signal.


Well we are kicking off our #ArtistDayTrips going to the 3rd Annual Cultured Food Festival this weekend. It is at the Highland Springs Resort in Beaumont, California. There will be free workshops on Fermented Foods, there will be Kombucha bar, Lectures on Fermented Foods.

Its still a little chilly because we had snow in the mountains but the sun is trying hard to warm the earth.

If all goes well I will live stream on periscope if I can get a signal. So turn your notifications on so you will know when I go live.


People want to know

We have told ourselves people really don’t want to know our journey story…..they really do want to know anything outside of their own lives. Take a listen to this weeks Podcast. Be sure to click the linktre to see where we are on social media. Like, share and follow us along our journey

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, Artist Motivational Monday: #ArtistMotivationalMonday Ep. 7 People Want To know https://anchor.fm/chinue-phillips/episodes/ArtistMotivationalMonday-Ep–7-People-Want-To-know-e386gg

The Contrast of Life Should Not Take You Off Your Path

Your creative path has been divinely assigned , that being said the contrast of life should not take you off your path but cause you to focus more on why your here.

The world gives you limits and conditions to deal with everyday. The world says you can’t do this because money is limited, locations are wrong, the time is wrong.

Everyday you have the choice to raise above the limited thoughts that come through your mind. For every condition of limits you can write out a plan that heads you in the direction you want to go.

You can always change directions and make new plans for your dreams. Trust the process to get where you desire to be.

Make a plan to move forward everyday. Detours are ment to help you change directions.