Do You Have A Vision

01091609312It seems like November just got here and yet we are already in the middle of the month.  So do you have a vision for 2020? In order for 2020 to be different you have to raise your standards so you will have lasting changes in the new year.

What is it you want to accomplish next year. What gifts are trying to be born into your life?  How are you going to deliver your gifts to the world.

Make your plan for 2020 now. Start the proess of changing your mindset.

What you do today determines what will manifest in 2020. Your sucess is not just one big event its tiny steps along the way.

Whats the vision?


Be Willing To Go Through The Process


Many times we as humans set out on a project and will get discouraged along the way when our expectations are not met either by other people or our selves.  The mistake we made is we did not realize there is a process to everything. Nothing happens overnight. 

There is a process to success and we have to be willing to go through that process and stop expecting everything to happen overnight. Stop putting expectations on others to support what you feel is great and they may not feel the same way.  

Many times we are so busy feeling bad because of a friend or family member did not support our project that we forget to be excited about what milestone we hit. 

Go through the process, be excited about your small beginnings because at the end of the day you want lasting success and not microwave success.  

Sometimes you will have to encourage yourself to get to the next level, do it and move forward.  

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You Are A Creative Expression

Let us not forget why we are here. You are a creative expression andyou have a responsibility to let that light shine. The many ways you show up and apply yourself in the world remember the universe supports you.

Each of us is an individual expression of the creative process of life no matter how life circumstances try to obscure the reality of why we are here.

We each have personal motivation, guidence and unfolding opportunities each day. There is always something working within you, flowing through you.

Life in general is biase in healing,over coming and sucess. When you understand lif wants you to win when you come to road blocks you will not be moved but will figure out away to press forward.

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There comes a time in our lives when expansion is not something you get to choose. Sometimes the expansion is painful because the logistics are not lined up to recieve the increase and because we are not prepared it makes it diffcult.

I live in a small town when i moved here eight years ago there were about twenty-nine thousand people here. The last few years the cityhas built over fifteen new neighborhoods and a new school.

There are so many new new neighborhoods that google cannot seem to catch up getting them on google maps. The city is not finished building and expanding with new resturants, movie theaters, and more neighborhoods.

The logistics of the city was never ment for the influx of this many people. Traffic is over whelming, people are rude, and you see the signs of stress.

As you expand on your creativity journey be sure the logistics of your expansion is ready.

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Lessons From The Earthquakes

InShot_20190206_172038647.jpg Fourth of July 2019 weekend was not what you call uneventful.  Here in California, we had a 6.4 and a 7.1 earthquake.  My younger dog was running around in circles and I had to catch her to calm her down.  My older dog just stayed close to me.  What I observed from these two events is that when your foundation is shaken you become unbalanced and in despair.

Everyone from city to city was unrattled about these earthquakes.  It became clear that we must have a solid foundation on whatever we attempt to do because life has unexpected events that will shake your foundation.

This fourth of July will be remembered for a long time because it stopped us and made us reconsider our foundation. As I continue to grow my candle business I will make sure the foundation of it will remain solid.

Be Safe everyone and secure your foundation.

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#ArtistDayTrip June 2019

    Can you believe we are at the halfway mark of this year?  Now is the time for reflection on where we are, where we want to be and what it takes to get there.  

So far for us, we have been on target with the Scented Candles and getting things in place.  Very soon we will be announcing the opening of our Esty store.

We are excited about the #ArtistDayTrips for June. The weather is finally starting to get warm and the rain is going away.  Below are the trips we have planned. We will do our best to live stream the events.

June 1, 2019, Glass Museum

June 8, 2019, Lavender Festival

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