Step By Step Is The Process

Life is a process and with each process we are supposed to grow, learn and reflect.  We are now well into 2015.  We have been painting, cleaning out the remnants of 2014 by shredding old paperwork.

Currently we are working on our inventory of art supplies, our inventory of art, and our goals for this new year.  Were ordering new canvas, new brushes and drawing new ideals in our sketchbook.

We recently went to the Free day at one of the LA Museums.  Since it was free, there were a lot of people.

Art is an ever-growing, ever-expanding career and there are so many new and exciting artist and their works are just amazing.  From an idea to a vision to  a concept that is the process of art and that process is ever-changing in the mind of an artist.

We are currently making new art for our “Small Art Series”  which starts at 8 X 10 Canvas Oils.   This is the first one for 2015  called “That is Less” 8 X 10 Oil  ,  it is available at our site
This is the first post of 2015 so thanks for following us this year as we journey through the world of art… sure to like our page and leave a comment……..

8 X 10  Oil on Canvas
8 X 10
Oil on Canvas

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