2015 The Year Of Open Doors and New Normals

 ?????? It’s a brand new year 2015.  This is the first blog of the year with many more adventures to follow.   This is the year of open door and  new normals for your life……what does that mean you say????   What you want in your life on a continued base as normal, not just the first few weeks in a new year.

A new normal is living your life to the fullest with love, joy, peace, wellness, health, prosperous and  happiness.  2015 the year of greater opportunities so when the door opens walk through it without fear and without worry that things will not work out.

For us the new normal is the first art exhibit of the year at the end of this month (Jan)  the first painting of the year working on the concept which is a Music Theme The first visit to the Doctor which showed we had lost 12 lbs since the last time they saw us which is always good, so we continued with our walking today 3.8 miles….as the body screamed it’s cold even though we were bundled up with layers of clothing…..oh well we got it done.

So what will 2015 bring you that you will declare is going to be the new normal in life not just for the new year……..we have 52 weeks, 365 days of brand new chapters of a new normal so make it happen…….

Well thanks for starting off the year with me, be sure to like our page, share our page, leave a comment we read them all and follow us on this new normal journey.

Our art work can be seen at http://chinue.imagekind.com/ and we will be posting this first art works right before the exhibit so you can be the first to see it……..

The photo is called Stray Cat ,  Digital as you can see they were not moved by me or my camera…..

Author: chinuephillips58

Mixed Media Artist who loves Museums, Festivals and everything about the Artist world. Come travel with me on this journey of the artist.