Another Artist Has Made Transition Into The Invisable

” We need to spend our time helping make it easier for the people who are on the front lines of change in our country and in this world” ~Ruby Dee

The Illusion of Art A Shape of Flowers Silk Screen Prints on Art Paper
The Illusion of Art
A Shape of Flowers
Silk Screen Prints on Art Paper

Her voice was strong and thundered like the roar of a lion yet she moved with grace on the screen and on stage. She gave us true theater artistry.  A trail blazer in the performing arts Ruby Dee commanded excellence of herself in her performances.

At 90 she still took command of the big screen and stage. At 91 she took her final bow to us.   The arts have a history of its own that we should teach as well as learn whether in Visual, Performance or Theater these trail braziers have left their marks in history.  They have passed the torch to us who are coming along now. They have made the path for us.. laid a foundation for us………..  Study their struggles, learn the craft as they did with excellence and leave your mark on history as they have.

Ruby Dee…..RIP and thank you for stopping by and leaving us an example.
Thank you for being apart of my blog works, and my art work. Like us and please leave comments we do read them…………

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