Art a Mode of Thought or An Illusion of Sight

Yellow Rose captured in bloom at the Flower Fields 2013.      Weather conditions have many at a stand still and yet as a “Visual Thinker” my art it on its own life.  Creating art is like creating a culture for yourself. Every brush, pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel, photograph, composition creates for itself a metaphor of that artist experience of events. Whether your art of choice is visual, writing, music or  photography each aspect makes you a “Visual Thinker”.  As you create in your mind’s eye, you visualize what is to be created and then you start the process of creating the reality of it.

In creating this visual are we also having an illusion of sight in that we create the illusion, the still moments of life that only we can see at the time in that moment it is gone forever except in our art, music, or photo.

We have stopped time for a split second to create a space which will never occur again.  Did we create thought or illusion of sight……you decide.

This yellow rose was taken at the Flower Fields.  It is 8 X 10 Digital Print.  You can view more of our work at

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Yellow Rose captured in bloom at the Flower Fields 2013.

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