2014 A Year Of Transformation

??????????????????????????2014 is said to be the year of transformation.  As artist our creative energy transforms daily when we apply ourselves to be creative.

This year I will be traveling to museums and galleries.  This is another growth part of my creative energy this year.

There are so many museums and galleries out there in every city and so many artist that I would like to meet.   Artist energy is such a creative journey that one cannot complete it in one life time.  Yet every moment new artist are born to express themselves in the unique way only they can.  This should be a very interesting year and I am looking forward to transforming my art in so many ways.  Hope you will follow me as I explore the many museums and galleries alone the way to be creative.

The piece being shown is a silk screen piece on paper.  It is part of the small art series, it is 7 X 7.



Author: chinuephillips58

Mixed Media Artist who loves Museums, Festivals and everything about the Artist world. Come travel with me on this journey of the artist.