Summer Is Over

Flowers n Branches   Summer is officially over and everyone has returned back to normal life.  Most children have returned to school, and the yearly shopping for school items has ended.   This was my first day back in my studio.  I must admit I did no painting, drawing or anything else during the summer.  So today I pulled everything out and started back to doing what I do.  It has been a long hot summer which had a lot of fires to deal with so painting was not high on my list of things to do.   I suspect everyone had a great summer for I have been reading your post during my time off.  Love your photography, drawings, writings, and paintings.  We have one more holiday which will be the last for this summer so I know everyone is getting ready for Labor Day which is the end of our summer holidays.  Then can you believe we are headed to the end of the year.  Wow……..I have written over three hundred blog post (now that is worth celebrating because I did not think I had that much to say)  and you are still following me on my journey…..So I am back in the studio so lets see what I will create as the year proceeds on……..thanks for hanging out with me here on my blog, thanks for all the “likes” to my blog…….This piece is oil on canvas 9 X 12  Flowers n Branches  it can be purchased at .     🙂 🙂


Author: chinuephillips58

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