Sketchbook drawings and paintings- watercolor & pen Studies

Watercolor and Pen 6 X 8
Watercolor and Pen
6 X 8

Watercolor and pen a unique pair.  The pen gives you the structure and lines but the watercolor allows you to paint outside of all the lines giving you a new type of freedom.

You don’t have to paint inside the lines, you don’t have to be locked into a box of shapes you can just paint.

Watercolor gives you a freedom. It bleeds into another color you can mix and match and take your mistakes as something meaningful. Watercolor forgives, it just makes something new.

This painting is small  6 X 8.  The colors are red, green, blue, blue-green, purple, yellow, brown, white.  This is the first painting as part of my journal drawings and paintings.  These will mainly be done in my sketchbook.


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