A Day At the Gilman Ranch – Part II

Gilman Ranch 2013 036 037 ???????????????? 041 042 043 044 046 047 048 049Walking through the kitchen at the Gilman Ranch made me remember some of the items my own grandma had in her kitchen.  See if you remember any of these items.

The baby goats were born Easter 2013.  They were tired after a day with alot of children and their mom not being around.

The rabbit actually got up on his box so I could take his picture, and the turtle was tired of being poked by all the children. The animals did very well considering went they went through.  It had been a long day for them.

This was one of the stage lines which would come through town with travelers.  It has been refurbished but still looks great.

I did not hold the snake, and was a pretty good distance from him taking the picture.  She had two snakes, one being a gopher snake and this one.

Thanks for following us…….


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