Totally Lost

100_7446 I just discovered there is a new format for my blog and I am totally lost at trying to find where everything is now.  When did this new format happen and why?  I really do not like when these formats change because it seems once I learn how to use them they always change into something which is not better but more confusing than before and I spend months trying to recap where I was.  I certainly hope my followers are still here…..

Well as we have come into March now and I have been away from my blog for a few weeks, we are still moving forward on art projects.  My last project the 30 paintings in 3o days ended at about day 19 (I think) and the month was over.  One thing about that project is I can always start over in hopes of getting through the 30 days without distractions or needing supplies.

I don’t feel bad about not getting to the 3o days because it was to see if I would or could actually paint something everyday for one month.   I was able to get at least one painting done everyday for 19 days, then had to wait on a shipment of canvas to come in before I could start painting by then you know what happen……distracted by life.

One thing it did do was make me realize that creative insight does not come as quick as that and a lot of days I had no idea what to paint.  But as with all things there are lessons to be learned……….
As always thanks for following me on my journey.  I have a long way to go as an artist it’s good to have followers on this journey……….



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