Reflections of an Artist 2012

Looking through the window
Looking through the window

We are looking over the progress we made this year 2012.  During the summer we started our small art series which enabled us to complete a painting a day which increased our inventory of art.  This process we learned from networking with other artist. We also explored different media instead of just oils.  We did a few paintings with the palate knife which was some what of a challenge because of being use to using a brush and the lack of control of the paint.

We took up black and white photography and learned the development process as well as the “wet world” of photography. It has been so long since we used film and we were surprised at just how many people still use film cameras.  PHOTO PROJECT

We took a 2D Design class and learned about Applied Line Projects, negative space and  logo making.  0ff2f2ab479b__1349302992000 - Copy Lady With Rose

We worked on our site by uploading more art to it on a regular base, while also maintaining our blog, joined an art association and  networked with more artist.  All in all I think I had a pretty good year…..what about you??

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Thanks for following us, liken our blog……..:)


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