Artist Marketing Resources

Artist-Endowed Foundations, many of which give grants to visual artists or operate gallery exhibition programs and other services for artists, include:

the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation which founded and gives on-going support of Change, Inc., which issues emergency grants to artists in need  The Rauschenberg Foundation also has a Pinterest board where you can add images of your art inspired by Robert Rauschenberg–here is the link.

the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

the Krasner-Pollock Foundation makes grants to individual artists

Joan Mitchell Foundation makes grants to individual artists

Willem de Kooning Foundation

the Keith Haring Foundation

Robert Motherwell’s Dedalus Foundation, provides Master of Fine Arts Fellowships

Jerome Hill’s Jerome Foundation–grants to emerging artists

the Morris Graves Foundation, conducts residency programs

Other Artist foundations to research: the Adolph Gottlieb Foundation…

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