Recyled Canvas


Today I used an old canvas which I had started a piece on but since that time had lost interest in the piece.  The canvas was still good so I used turpentine to remove some of the old paint, and then re-gesso the canvas with two coats letting each one dry for a complete day.  The painting took a lot of brush work to make sure the old colors (Red) did not seep through the canvas and come up to the top. You can see the darkest blue is where the red was on the old painting.  It gives the blue water some discoloration like maybe something was in the water, or maybe something or someone fell out of the lonely boat.  It’s open for the viewers interpretation.

Covering up old paintings has been around for  a long time.  If you remember history tells us that when art was being smuggled out of Europe painting over old art was  a very common practice in order to get the expensive art out of Europe.  I had to apply the paint think at times even using my palate knife in some areas which gave the French ultramarine blue some texture in some places.  The colors used were Cerulean Blue, Soft mixing white, French ultramarine blue, Jayne brilliant, Flesh tine, Raw umber, and Payne grey.

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Author: chinuephillips58

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