Trail Blazers and Private Collections

Artist Kabir

The month of June has come in with a blaze of heat.  I mean for it to be 79 degrees at night is saying a lot for the temperature change.  I always look at June as the half point of the year a time of refection and moving just a little faster to get more done.

Recently I  took a visit to the Edward-Dean Museum to see the Thomas and Christie Accatino Old Masters Collect.  This private collection shows  with dedication you can collect art over the years and have a pretty valuable collection to loan out to museums.  This exhibit was supposed to be over in January but was extended to June.

Some of the old masters were from Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Luny.  The trips to the museums and galleries always inspire me as an artist.  These are the trail blazers which have gone before us and made the path for others to follow.

The next thing on my calendar is an exhibit in July sponsored by the “Friends of the Museum”.  According to the paper work, it is the first annual exhibit sponsored by the “Friends of the Museum”.  I plan to exhibit all the landscapes , seascapes and sunsets I have in inventory.

While going through my art I found some art which is apart of my private collect from another artist.  I remember purchasing this piece of art and the frame had gotten broke while moving but the art itself is still in good condition.  It is part of a numbered series of this artist “Kabir”  13 x 15  unframed which was done in 1985.   I will  have to do more research to find out where this artist is now since the company I made the purchase from is out of business.  As you can see it is a very nice piece of art, I am hoping to locate the artist to find out what they are up to now.

Image that, I started my own collection back in  the 1980’s before I even thought of being an artist.  Thanks for following our blog and for the comments and likes which are always welcome.


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