Leaped into March

Still Life Props

We have leaped from February to March in a wonderful painting adventure. Today we setup our still life props using the inside of a box as the backdrop and a light for shadow reflections. I have set my painting goal to paint everyday,tried this before so hoping it works this time.   That being said, I should be painting something everyday on this first painting. I am currently using canvas 16 X 20 paper and “Winsor Newton” water mixable oil colour paints.  I plan to work in smaller works which will allow me to finish paintings sooner and work on one large painting over time while working with the smaller ones. Usually the larger paintings take more time and I seem to paint less because of that.  The smaller ones will allow me to have current works posted quicker.

I started off today with two coats of “Gesso” on my canvas paper allowing the paper to dry between coats.  I drew each item placed in the box using a watercolor pencil. I use the watercolor  pencils because they blend well when the paints are applied.  The light helps with the areas which are shadows off the back drop of the box.  This is the prop I am using, the bell pepper is real, I liked the yellow color of it.  You can see how the shadows show up really good with the light against the box.

As I progress with this first painting I will post the results.  Thanks for following my blog new and old followers.  We like your comments, so feel free to leave them.


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