Another Fallen Star

Woman, Gods Creation

As the news reports continue to come in regarding the death of Whitney Houston, my heart like so many others is heavy and sadden.  My emotions are high as I like many try to understand what happen.

The past few months we have had several history writers in the musical aspect of the arts leave our presence all of a sudden.  The mind cannot understand this and it ponders and ask questions of itself coming up with no answers.  Gone too soon are the words we hear over and over, gone too soon and yet we are left with their music and we can remember everything we were doing when each song plays.

We remember every now ex-boyfriend,  we remember where we were when the song first hit the charts. As if they were part of our family.  We become so intrigued with their presence it’s like they are part of our family, and yet we never really knew them.  Oh yes, we have seen their struggles and we became the cheer leaders for each of them hoping they would make it, hoping they would feel our encouragement, hoping they knew just how much we loved them and wish them well.

Our fallen heroes of human form who have set the bar so high even they cannot obtain it. We weep for them as if they are a family member for months. We vast in their music and wonder what is it about fame that tears each one of them down to such an unhappy life, didn’t they realize they had written some of history for the industry. Didn’t they know they were the tail blazers of this time in history. Didn’t they know they were the examples of who, what and how to make it in the industry.

The trail blazers of time, the ones whose shoulders we stand on, the ones who turn the pages of history and make a difference. Didn’t they know………..?

The painting is a watercolor on paper entitled Woman, Gods Creation it is 11 1/2 X 9.

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Author: chinuephillips58

Mixed Media Artist who loves Museums, Festivals and everything about the Artist world. Come travel with me on this journey of the artist.