Highlights OF The Month-Africian-American Pride In The Arts-Special Edition Part II

As we continue to explore the history of African-American history in the arts,  we start this writing with Beauford Delaney (1902-1977) whose public recognition came when three of his portraits were exhibited at the Whitney Studio Club and the 135th Street branch of the New York Public Library mounted a one-man show of fifteen pastels and charcoal drawings. He had a style of painting that no one understood or appreciated. He was disciplined himself, not only physically but spiritually, to live with a kind of personal magnetism in a barren world.

Hale Woodruff (1900-1980) Received the first “Bronze” award in fine arts offered by the Harmon Foundation.

James Wells , was included among those artist who were pursuing racial themes and abstracts symbolic form that were to establish the basis for a racial characteristic of expression.

Augusta Savage (1892-1962) was given a commission for the 1939 New York Worlds Fair for her best known work, “The Harp”, which has become known as “Lift Every Voice And Sing”, the title of the African-American National Anthem.

These are just a few of the many who have made noted contributions to history. The contributions far exceed these few names.  Expressions of feelings have always come in many forms of beauty. Self expression of any artist existence is important to history. Pride in one’s culture is truly ones existence.

As with these artist, we as artist of today are standing on the shoulders of these who have gone before us to lay the ground work.  As artist of today we are the ones who are writing the history of today and those who come after us will stand on our shoulders. as artist.

The digital photo is the bridge over the Los Angeles River at Union Station.  It is framed and matted, but for the purpose of this writing was taken out of the frame so there would not be a glare in the photo.

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