Linoleum Cut Used In Printmaking

     This was drawn on Linoleum using a sharp object that was sharp enough to actually cut into the linoleum.  Then it was rolled over with ink and printed on different types of artist paper (your choice of artist paper) and framed to your desire.  The process in detailed and can be a slow process.  I did several of these on different types of paper using different colors of ink to see what the results would be.  This was during the time I was exploring “Printmaking”.  I liked the process of scratching on the linoleum because as you can see it is very detailed. The lines for the beard and hair stand out making the subject rugged looking.  This was pressed on black paper.  Printmaking is a concept of art everyone should explore.  It is a fast way of turning out prints for editions of your art in a small amount of time without using a computer.  This is one aspect of my art I would consider going back to doing in the future.  Thank you for your comments for they are important to us, your likes, and your following our blog.


Author: chinuephillips58

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