Inventory Your Art

Birds And The Nest

While doing my art inventory I found an oil canvas painting which I had started and never finished.  The painting was in a stack of canvas paintings alone the wall of  my studio.  I am in the process of cleaning my studio (early spring cleaning) and getting more organized so when I moved these paintings from the wall to count them and log them I found this piece.  I never finished it, and never thought about it again after I put it against the wall.  It has slipped through the cracks of my mind and had been just sitting there for over eight months without one single thought about it.

Now I am wondering what I was thinking about when I started this painting.  I see there are eggs in a nest,  two birds one holding the nest on its back while the other bird looks like it’s following the bird with the nest.  The eggs in the nest have not hatched so I guess the bird who’s back they are on is preparing for them to hatch. The problem with this is most times birds sit on their nest instead of carrying them on their backs.  So my conceptual thinking with the nest on the back of the bird is something different.

As I continued to look at the painting I see the blue water which makes me think maybe these birds were rescuing the nest from some disaster.  I see that I have to put shadows where the birds are, a lot of blending of the colors, more detail on the birds.  I can tell I had just started the painting and either became dis-interested or distracted and never finished it.  Well the canvas is on my easel now, I am writing some concepts down in order to attempt to finish it.

This shows me doing inventory found what was lost.  Just maybe when I started this painting it was not the time for it to appear but now it is.  Your comments are important so please leave them, follow us this year as we continue on our journey.


Author: chinuephillips58

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