The New Year Approaches

We are now in the countdown for the new year.  Expectations are high as everyone sets their new goals and resolutions for the up coming year.  As an artist I have done the same.  I have made my new business plan, my new work plan, my new contact list of places to contact for having an exhibit, my new organization plan for keeping my office a little more uncluttered with projects.  Ah….the new year gives us all new hope that this year will be better than the last year.

In all of this planning let us not forget to just be grateful that we have the ability to set all these goals and expectations.  I want to thank all of my new followers, you’re the best and my old followers for your continued support. Yes 2012 is the year (Leap year) for great things to happen in the life of the artist.

For the past few weeks I have been shedding papers, cleaning out my studio and cleaning out my garage. I have been getting rid of old paints which have turned hard, old papers, notes and phone numbers which never made it into my phone book.  Getting rid of that which no longer is a part of the divine idea for my career as an artist.  I am ready for the new year and all of its grand gestures of abundance, goodness, inspirations.  I wish all of you a safe transition into the New Year.

Remember your comments are important to us, we value them greatly…….:)

Thanks for following us for the New Year.

This is a human form Clay Sculpture, painted with black acrylic paints I did in 2010.


Author: chinuephillips58

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