Used Paper and Digital Photo

Art has many directions it can go.  When a person views my art I allow them to make their own interpretation as to what it was ment to be or not.  I use all sorts of things to experiment with my art because I like to be surprised as to what I can do.  Art has allow me to be unhindered and expand in many ways.

I love working with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Director, and my list goes on and on.  I did this piece a few years ago while working in Photoshop. It’s called, “Used Paper”. I called it that because I  went to a good will store and actually purchased a torn art drawing book.  I scanned one of the pages into Photoshop, and started placing layers of other items on it. At the time I was interested in the Egg and how it represents life.  I was using the egg to give this life on my printer. I made sure to show the cracks in the egg, representing something trying to emerge from the egg. Using Photoshop  I drew eggs around the paper and with each egg I made a new layer. Then I interjected the words “Do You Be-Lieve” at different points. If you notice I separated the word to make a greater impact on the viewer.  With more overlays I added more colors, and shapes, and some distortions. I ended up with about ten layers when completed.

Using the Epson 2200, I printed on Somerset Photo Enhanced Velvet Radiant White paper with no color adjustment and used a 720 DPI.  This was a good experiment with used paper and transforming it into a digital print.

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Author: chinuephillips58

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