Expanding your understanding of the structures around you

Using your sketchbook helps you to understand the structures around you. Whether you draw, doodle or dream drawing you will discover structure in the drawings.  Lines grow while you attempt to draw a tree using outlines and contours. You will discover upward reaching gestures with lines which follow this growth pattern. Your sketchbook drawings become and extension of your eyes because you will draw what you feel if you had run your hand over a surface. The insights you gain from using your sketchbook will become a permanent part of your understanding.  So get out your sketchbook, carry it with you at all times even if you doodle in it these are stories your about your day or night. The next time you’re in front of your canvas pull out your sketchbook because there holds the key to your next painting.


Author: chinuephillips58

Mixed Media Artist who loves Museums, Festivals and everything about the Artist world. Come travel with me on this journey of the artist.