As an artist it is important to document examples of your work.  Yes it is necessary and essential to learn how to document your works.  Galleries, Museums and other spaces you want to display your work in will want to see examples of your work.  Sometimes they want to see examples to make sure the work is not too explicate to be around children such as the case if you are exhibiting in a Public Library where children are known to be.  Most places will not ask you for originals so you should get quality documentation of your artwork done.  Before you breakout the digital camera here are somethings to consider.  Quality is important since this will base whether your art is going to be shown at the location. Slides are still accepted as the traditional form of documentation and still used by some because digital allows you to manipulated the color and brightness of your pictures. digital is good for submitting your works through e-mails.  When taking the pictures the lighting in the room is very important you don’t want a glare on the shots.  A professional studio is always best. remember quality is the most important decision in this.


Author: chinuephillips58

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