Art in the New Economy

Anyone who spends money on anything from eggs to art, from you and me to multinational corporations, will be looking for value in what they spend it on. Speculation is out, buying on margin is out, impulse buying is out– the only thing that’s in is what it’s worth now and to what degree of certainty it will continue to be worth at least that amount in the future. What kinds of value will buyers be looking for? Excellence, quality, productivity, dedication, commitment, reputation, pride in workmanship, these sorts of things– the values that made America great– standards that have sadly been lost in the shuffle of our greed-is-good, hard-work-is-for-losers, every-man-for-himself, party-party-party attitude towards life.


Author: chinuephillips58

Mixed Media Artist who loves Museums, Festivals and everything about the Artist world. Come travel with me on this journey of the artist.